Help! I Can't Lose Weight!

You go through a diet but you can't lose weight? Yes, I know what it feels like.

There is one thing that you need to know first: You can lose weight. See it as a fact, something that is possible and totally in your hands. It's true!

What you probably already know: The human body, sooner or later, loses fat when the food intake doesn't provide enough energy. This is the typical calorie math.

Counting calories is middle age nonsense!

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What you might not know: Calories are really a bad way of telling how well your diet is doing. For example: Let's say you consume foods worth 1800 calories a day, and you hope you are going to lose weight because you read somewhere that your personal calorie use is 2000 calories per day. But is it totally meaningless how you get those calories into your body?

Let's say you eat 10 cookies and drink a bottle of your favorite soft drink. Let's say you calculated that this equals 1800 calories, and as long as that's all you eat, you are fine.

Let's also asume that someone else, who is in the same situation as you, eats chicken salad, cheese, a couple of apples and drinks some protein shakes in between, also reaching 1800 calories.

Do you get the idea? How in the world would this lead to the same results, just because the calories are the same?

Here are the things that matter:

-It matters how many carbs, how many fats and how many proteins you eat

-It matters how often and when you eat

-It matters what habits your body establishes from the way you feed it.

In my other posts, I'm going to show you how this will help you. And I can tell you one thing: My brother and I bear witness that this diet works.
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