Help! What Can You Eat To Lose Weight?

For most people, losing weight goes together with eating less. On the other hand, wouldn't it be great to actually eat food that makes you lose weight faster?

Here is what you need to eat in order to lose weight, and lose it faster.


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Weight loss is an active process in your body, not a passive one. You don't just lose weight because your body has less food to use. You want to lose weight, that means body fat. Your body has to make an effort to lose that fat.

The body uses enzymes for that. These little helpers have different functions. Some of them take the food apart into little pieces, others go for the fat on your hips.

Two things are needed here for you to help your enzymes. First, you need to change your eating habits so that the enzymes actually learn to adapt.

The other thing is eating food rich in protein. Protein is the material with which everything in your body is built, also the enzymes. Give your body the material it needs for creating the little helpers.

Food that fills your stomach

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Once you are trying to lose weight, you will often deal with an empty stomach, or so it seems. Eating all the time doesn't help your diet. You should have several hours in between meals, so the enzymes can work.

So how do you fill your stomach sufficiently? You eat food that fills your stomach. There will be enough to do for your stomach and you will feel satisfied, not having to think about food in a while.

There are two separate ways to go about it, and you can combine them. First, when eating a proper meal, make sure it has what I call volume. What it means is that your plate is basically very, very full of food. You eat a lot of food. But what kind of food? Eat protein, as explained earlier, for example fish, protein shakes, meat, cheese. Then fill your plate with lots of vegetables like carrots, cabbage and everything else that has little sugar and lots of size. You will eat a lot, but what you eat will have no impact on your weight.

The second thing you do is fill your stomach with lots of fluids. Water is always an option, even though your stomach will only be filled for maybe half an hour or more. You can also drink tea, or make a soup that has very little energy. You could try a vegetable soup, for example.

Food that stimulates your body to burn more energy

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The final thing you can do is eat food that stimulates the metabolism. Sometimes, you can even achieve this by only adding extra herbs and spices to the meals you already eat.

Check out my post about Spices for weight loss to see which spices really help.

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