How Can A Teenager Lose Weight?

Although teenagers can basically lose weight like grown-ups do, they are in a very special time of their lives.

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A lot of body changes and hormone chaos makes life crazy. At the same time, we strive for the acceptance of other people in our age group. But then, what can a teenager do if weight is a problem?

One thing is important: Self-perception versus reality. I know that many people are very unhappy about their weight, and it's okay not to be totally happy, but at least you should find out first what is actually a good weight for you.

That's a fair way of starting out. Before you go crazy about your weight, switch off the inner voice that says "I'm fat" and check your weight and height. Then you should check somewhere on the internet what is recommended.

When you know more, you can see what changes are necessary. Maybe you found out that you really are a little overweight, very overweight or maybe not even overweight at all, but you don't like yourself. Then there are different options:

Option 1: You are not overweight according to everyone else, but you are not happy either!

You checked your weight and you are at a normal weight for your age. At the same time, you feel that it's not good enough. People from the opposite sex are not attracted by you, and you probably still feel undesirable.

What can you do?

I know what you don't want to hear: That it's all in your head, that you only have to work on your attitude, and so on. Don't worry, I won't give you that stuff.

What you actually need is a good mix of taking care of your body in a way that you notice improvements, and at the same time working on your self-acceptance and confidence in yourself. Because if you work on both of these things, you automatically get more attractive.

We are not only attracted to people who have amazing bodies, but also to people who are positive. I'm not talking about stupid happiness as in people who only smile all the time and are really superficial. I'm talking about people who have accepted themselves enough so that they are not totally absorbed by their own problems, but rather satisfied enough to open themselves to others.

Of course you can't be liked by others if you have a grudge towards your own weight and figure.

Some things you can do:

We already know your weight is good enough. That doesn't mean that your body has to keep looking the same way it does. How about exercising, but not for weight loss, instead for a sexy body?

Make a workout for your whole body, go to the gym, get a trainer, and feel better about yourself step by step. You will soon find out what works best for you. You might also consider joining a team with others.

Another thing: Grow self-confidence. It sounds easy but is hard, I know. Nevertheless, it can be done without too much effort. All you need to do is find something in which you succeed. Even if it involves no social contact at all, as long as you are happy about your results, your self-confidence will grow.

Some people grow their self-confidence by creating art, or music, by building something, by doing some kind of activity, by taking care of a pet, there are so many ways. It's all about finding out who you are!

Option 2: You are a little overweight, but it doesn't sound like much. You just want to look better fast.

You have found out that you are overweight (and you took into consideration your age and what's normal for your height!).

If you are only a little overweight, reaching your desired weight is not a hopeless dream. You can get there quickly, probably within only a couple of weeks or months.

How to get there? Check some of my other posts. It depends on how determined you are. How about losing weight very fast with a lot of determination? If you have that determination, go for this manual.
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Also check out my other posts, there is a lot more to find out.

Option 3: You are clearly overweight and you already knew that before.

If you are very, very much overweight (I'm talking about the kind of overweight where even a doctor says you need to lose weight), you probably will feel that you are in the worst position. You have so much weight to lose and are so far away from your ideal weight.

Don't get discouraged. There is something positive about the whole thing: From all the people who have weight problems, those who are the most overweight tend to lose the most of weight once they start a good diet!

That's right. No matter how much weight you have, if you are in really big trouble, you can really get your weight down massively. My brother was so overweight that is face was very round, but he lost more than a third of his weight and now he is so skinny he can hide behind a street lamp.

Another piece of motivation I would like to give you: When I was overweight, I thought that there are some things that are most important for a diet:

-To be totally motivated
-To be extremely determined
-To be strong and tough

And guess what? That's not the most important thing. It's not important to suffer, or to be tough on yourself. You don't even need to exercise!

The most important thing is: Knowledge!

If you know the tricks, life gets easier for you. I didn't know the tricks and suffered and suffered for many months. Then I learned how to lose weight without exercising and it all became clear: Just allow your body to burn the fat. If you know how it's done, it's easy.

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I want to give you that knowledge so you can start to lose weight! And it's all free advice. I just want to share how things got better for me and my brother.

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