How Much Weight Can I Lose In A Week / 2 Weeks / A Month?

The good news is: There is no limit to how much weight you can lose in a specified period of time like a week, two weeks or one month. It all comes down to a couple of factors:

#1 - The effectiveness of your diet

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There are many types of diets, and you can already guess that some work better than others. You can make a deliberate choice as to how you choose to lose weight. Losing weight slowly can have an advantage if you only want to change your eating habits a little and still enjoy eating tasty food.

If you want to lose weight really fast, this will require you to change your eating habits more drastically. But it also doesn't necessarily mean that you have to suffer all the time. Please read my other posts to find out more on how I lost weight, as this will help you too.

#2 - Your weight at the moment you start

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When you ask yourself how much weight you can lose, you are of course speaking of the weight you can lose from that starting point on. So the question is: How much do you weigh right now? Don't listen to people who tell you that it's not possible to lose more than x kilos or pounds.

The most overweight people on earth (those who can't even leave their homes any more) can lose a massive amount of weight because they have a lot to lose (literally). So it's completely arbitrary when some people on the internet claim that there is a maximum amount of weight you can lose.

#3 - The phase of your diet

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Every diet has different phases. Either phases defined by the person who invented the diet, or natural, time-based phases as first week, second week, second month and so on. You are very likely to lose the highest amount of weight right at the start.

And in this respect, be aware of two things: First, it is not only just water or "mostly water" you lose in the first week, even though some people say that. I have a scale that measures my body fat and I know better. Second, please know that you are still doing well in your second week even if you don't lose as much as you did in the first week! Yes, that's right: Doing things right in consecutive weeks can still get you different results. It doesn't mean you are doing a bad job!

#4 - Energetic balance

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What I mean with that is the amount of energy you bring into your body through eating and drinking and the amount of energy your body is using. I am not a fan of calorie counting, because it's unreliable and leads to false assumptions, but the basic idea is right. If you don't give your body as much food as it needs to go through everyday life, your body will take the energy from the deposit that is already in your body: first the carbs safe, then the fat safe and hopefully not so much the muscle safe.

If your goal is to drastically lose weight (because you need to attend a wedding and the dress doesn't fit, for example), then you could stop eating altogether and this would work for a short period of time. It's also called fasting and some people do it religiously.

However, the other way is to be very active. Engage in sports activities. I know you may not like to hear this, and let me comfort you: I also rarely do any sports activities. So this is optional, but it's true that a lot of physical activity helps.

#5 - The activity level of your body

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If you feel very lethargic and are half asleep all the time, then your body is most probably also not running on a high energetic level. Your body is saving a lot of energy then, and you need to burn a lot of energy to get slim.

Of course you can go jogging, and it's the most effective way. But there are other things you can do, too. Caffeine can help, also spicing up your food with chili, ginger and pepper, and also drinking a lot of water helps. You should drink more than what's recommended, but never drink two bottles or more in just one hour!
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