No Carb Recipes: Top 5

When you are looking for no carb recipes, you want to have recipes with absolutely zero carbs. You also want tasty food. Here are my top 5 recipes. Why only so few? Because it's better to have 5 that you like than another 5 that you don't like.

These recipes are very simple. Simplicity is important because the more ingredients you get, the higher the chance of hidden carbs. Only few foods have no carbs at all. Usually, these are meat, fish and cheese products.

#1: Roast Beef

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Ingredients: 1 kg of beef meat, salt, pepper.

There are different types of beef you can consider. Tenderloin is very high quality, but also expensive. I got some good meat that costs about 6 to 7 euros per kilo. Try to get meat that doesn't look like it has a lot of white strings or white spots, because too much fat makes it hard to chew.

Rub salt and pepper into the meat and then fry it in a pan with oil on all sides with very high heat. Do this until the meat is grey or slightly brown on each side. It should only take very few minutes for the whole process. At this point, the meat is still raw inside.

Put the meat into an oven, with a heat of 80 degrees celcius. Now leave it there for about 4 hours. When you think it's done, carefully cut it in half until you can see the meat inside. What color is it? If it's pink, it's perfect. If it's still too raw, put it back in. If it's grey, it's allright, but next time it needs less time. You can eat it hot or cold. For later eating, put it in the fridge. You can also re-heat it anytime in the microwave.

Optionally, you can add some salad and/or a slice of lemon. This may turn the meal into a low carb dish, if that's okay with you.

#2: Beef carpaccio

Ingredients: Thinly slices beef meat, pepper or steak seasoning mixture, lemon, olive oil, basil leaves, cream cheese.

You have three options of getting the meat: Have a butcher prepare it for you, buy it to cut it yourself, or buy a pre-packed package labelled as "carpaccio". If you buy it from a butcher or cut it yourself, make sure that the meat is suitable for eating it raw.

Put the meat on a plate. In the middle of the plate, place some cream cheese. Sprinkle some basil leaves, and some spices (pepper for example) over it, squeeze some lemon juice (not too much) over the whole thing, and drop some olive oil over it, too. If the cream cheese is frozen, you can put the whole plate into a microwave for only a couple of seconds. Thus, the cream cheese gets soft and the meat will still be raw. Then, spread the cheese over the meat with a knife.

#3: Salmon carpaccio

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Ingredients: Sliced raw salmon (pre-packed), pepper or steak seasoning mixture, lemon, olive oil, basil leaves, cream cheese (optional).

The preparation is similar to beef carpaccio. I usually keep it a little simpler. I don't use cream cheese here often, and you don't need all the ingredients, just do it as you wish.

#4: Cheese cubes

Ingredients: Your favorite cheese

This is really simple, yet effective. Cut cheese into cubes. As a type of cheese, buy something that's not too hard to chew. It's also a good snack for a cocktail party. Cheese cubes do contain a lot of fat, but they also saturate, so you will feel very full after eating only a couple of cubes. Since there is no sugar involved, there won't be a craving afterwards.

#5: Baked fish

Ingredients: White fish, bay leaves, mustard seeds, butter, lemon.

Choose a fish like codfish or coalfish with white meat. Wrap it in aluminium foil and bake it at a moderate heat, together with some bay leaves and mustard seeds. Once it's served, you can add butter or lemon on top of it.

When you are going easy on your diet and want to add something for the taste, you could try potatoes as seen in the picture.

This concludes the list of my personal top 5 favorite no carb meals. I hope this gives you an idea of what to eat when you try to go without carbs. Please check my other posts to find out more about this diet.
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