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My name is Michael, I am 30 years old and was born in Germany, in the heart of Europe. Everyone in my family was overweight. My grandparents, my parents, my brother. Throughout most of my childhood, I was not so much overweight, but I was still chubby and didn't feel good enough.

It was only when I was 20 that I really took the initiative to change something. At my worst, I weighed 105 kilos (231 lbs) at a height of 1,77 m (5' 8"). Something had to change.

Back then, in 2003, I knew almost nothing about food. I hadn't had as many problems with my weight as my brother, and strangely, I could eat a lot of food and not gain weight. The only problem was that I gained weight very slowly over the years.

The reason for this, as I only found out about 8 years after that, was that I had strange eating habits. In the morning, I usually didn't eat anything at all, and I only ate when I was home from school. Then, I ate about 10 chocolate bars because I had a massive craving. In those days, I considered myself a chain smoker, just that it wasn't cigarettes I was crazy about, it was sugar.

My blood sugar level dropped like crazy hours later, so I had a lot to eat before I eventually went to bed. And this is what my life was like. Every day.

So in 2003, at the age of 20, I knew something had to change. In those days, the internet was still young, and there were not as many websites out there with helpful information. There was no Youtube, no wikipedia, no yahoo answers, and all the dietary advice was common stuff like "eat less" or "count your calories".

When I imagine what it was like then, it feels like the middle ages now, because I wasn't at all knowledgeable about diets. So how did I start my first diet? I just tried something with common sense and what the media said was right.

So in my first diet, these things were on my meal plan:

  • I ate grapes when I came home from school because I knew I had a craving and needed something sweet.
  • I ate these grapes together with dark bread because I knew that the grapes would release sugar that would not last forever, and the bread would have long term carbs for energy.
  • At the same time, the dark bread would have slow carbs and my body would be very full.
  • My main concern was not to have cravings and for my stomach to be full, and to leave it like this until I could go to bed.
  • I also ate peanuts. My doctor said "but they have a lot of fat, isn't that bad?". I wasn't even aware of that. I didn't think much about it. I only knew: peanuts make you full and satisfied.

I also knew that I was somehow luckier, that I didn't gain weight as quickly as my brother, and everyone said that my genes must have been different. Only now do I know that not eating for the first half of the day was the reason I didn't become completely obese.

My first diet went well, although it was an amateur's approach. I lost 30 kilos (66 lbs) within maybe 2 years.

I was happy about my success, but this success didn't last long, because I had only lost weight eating what I didn't want to eat for the rest of my life. So eventually I went back to eating chocolate and enjoyed many delicious meals again.

It wasn't until my second big attempt to lose weight that I learned most of what I know now. It was in 2010, I believe, when I weight 90 kilos again (198 lbs). I had almost gained everything back from several years before, and again, it had taken years to gain this much weight, so it was a slow return of the fat around my waist.

This time, I really had to struggle. I was now out of school and working, and work was stressful sometimes. I didn't want to lose weight the way I had done it before. I did what most people would do, I started counting calories and even downloaded a program for my computer. When I think about it now, it's just ridiculous how much time I spent trying to figure out what the calories were and how much I ate of which.

There were big disappointments then. Sometimes, I tried very hard to exercise on a treadmill I had bought. But it seemed as if the more I tried, the less my weight responded to my efforts. Eventually, I was very close to giving up. I had even tried to eat what I thought was healthy. But I didn't know that even things like juice can ruin a diet.

Then, a little miracle happened. While I was on a seminar somewhere else, browsing the internet out of boredom, I remembered that I had read a book in 2003 by some doctor who was famous for his weight loss methods. I decided to check up on him online and found that he had a website (before you ask about him, I need to let you know that all his posts are in German).

What he wrote there was amazing. Not only was this new to me (it was not written that way in his old book), everything suddenly made sense. The reason why people sometimes lose weight and sometimes don't lose weight has to do with the nutrients they eat, and not just the energy value that is in them!

Suddenly I understood: Counting calories of different types of food is like trying to tell a nice person from a bad person by what kind of shoes they wear. It's useless.

Then, my second huge weight loss began, and this time I set an ambitious goal: To reach a weight that I had never had before since I had grown out of childhood: 69 kilos (152 lbs). I chose 69 because it's even below the 70s, and I had reached something with 70 before.

My weight improved significantly when I started this diet. I lost so much weight that I was even shocked. A few months later, it got even crazier: I was doing an internship in the city where I had previously lived with my mother and brother, so I stayed at their house again.

They were impressed by my weight, and I had to tell my brother, who was obese at the time, how easy everything was for me. It was the first time my brother and I talked about a diet where suffering and having to exercise are not part of the plan.

My brother was carefully optimistic that this might work for him. He had lost weight before during a therapy in a hospital, and had kept some of that success in his weight, but he was so hopelessly far away from being slim that another diet didn't seem worth fighting for. But then, he just started changing his eating habits and lost even more weight than I lost. He lost more than 50 kilos (110 lbs) in not even two years. When I looked at him after his weight loss, it felt like I now had two brothers. One I had known all my life who was totally overweight... and this other guy who looked so slim... what an unfamiliar sight?!

Back to me: I came up with this idea of helping other people out. I know that there are many websites out there about weight loss, but I believe that things don't always go right. Some people try diets that are really slow and don't allow the full potential of weight loss. And other people only give bad advice like "you can never lose weight without exercise". This is nonsense! Of course you can.

I also want to encourage people who have already given up. When it seems like you have already tried everything, things get harder because you don't believe in your success any more. The reason why I don't lose hope for these people is because of my brother. While I always believed in my success, he didn't believe. But he lost weight despite this. Why? Because he neither hoped nor worried. He just did . He just lost weight by following the guidelines. And now, these guidelines are on my blog for you to test.

 I hope you will like this blog. Please bookmark it,  comment, and stay in touch about your success.

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