Combining Protein Sources For Weight Loss

Did you know that protein is more effective when it comes from different sources at the same time?

There is something called biological value. It roughly determines how well protein is used by the body. A value of 100 indicates that the protein is used very well (some people say "100 per cent", although this may not be totally true). If combined, even a value of over 140 is possible!


Some protein sources work better for your body than others. The special news is that if you combine foods, the protein absorbed by the body is higher than the protein of the individual protein sources alone.

In nature, there is no protein with a biological value of more than 100 (this is the value for a whole egg). However, there are some combinations that do the trick. Here are some examples:

Egg + potato = 136
Egg + milk = 122
Milk + wheat flour = 125
Egg + wheat = 118
Beans + corn = 101

These are only examples. What you might notice is that there is a lot of carbs involved here. They are not so good for your diet. But maybe you also notice that there are often animal proteins and plant proteins combined!

Make use of different proteins sources together!

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You can eat a steak with green beans, combine corn with salmon, eat different types of nuts, legumes and vegetables together. Whatever has a solid amount of protein goes well with another good protein source.

This is a useful little trick that comes in handy when you need to pile up some protein in your body, because protein is a very important part of any diet.

Some people don't like protein shakes, although they can have a biological value of 140 easily. Combined food from different protein sources solves this problem.

The easy rule of thumb

You don't need to know the exact number of the biological value. It's enough to know that they are different. If you are okay with eating meat and fish, choose one animal protein source and add a plant source. If you don't eat animals, but consume milk, cheese and eggs, mix those with plants. And if you are strictly vegan, you can still get a good mix by eating very different plants that look like they have nothing in common, for example mushrooms, nuts, leafy greens and lentils.

Amino Acids - It's like the DNA of proteins

 Amino acids are the building material of muscles, enzymes and everything in your body that has a job. There are about 20 amino acids, and some of them can't be produced by your body, they have to come from the outside.

Think of protein as something similar like DNA. It consists of little pieces, and beef has other pieces of that DNA than soy beans. If you combine them, the body adds them together, and the chain is more complete than before. The more versatile the food intake, the more the body can do with the protein.

Once you have created a vivid mix of meals, the added protein will be used by your body to build enzymes that reduce fat, maintain muscle tissue and keep your immunity system on guard.
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