Fasting To Lose Weight

Fasting seems to be the best way to lose weight. If you don't eat anything at all, your body has to lose weight, right?

In the media, fasting is often demonized for being a much too drastic step in order to lose weight. It is claimed that fasting will cause the body to go into a state of emergency where it will save energy and lose muscle tissue instead of fat.

Which is true and how should fasting be used in a diet?

First, let's look at different ways of fasting and then see how useful fasting actually is.

Religious fasting

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Several religions practice fasting, including Islam and Christianity. Religious fasting is not primarily about physical benefits. The advantage of religious fasting is a more spiritual aspect. You learn to appreciate food more, it humbles you, makes you feel thankful for what you really have. It is a good way to get you back to the ground and stop worrying about problems other people wish they had.

Intermittent fasting

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This special type of fasting is used for weight loss. During this diet, there are periods of fasting and periods of normal eating. For example, one day you could only drink water (or other substances like coffee, tea etc.), and the next day, you would eat on a regular basis.

Intermittent fasting allows you to lose weight while still giving the body energy on some days. The effects are good: The burning of fat is increased, your body does not go into "emergency mode" so quickly and you feel better.

The 4 hours rule

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If you feel like intermittent fasting is too extreme for you, you can also try the 4 hours rule. You are allowed to eat something every four hours, but in between, you don't eat anything at all. The only thing you can do is drink water.

Why is it useful? Well, your body needs time to get rid of the fat in your body. But it will only access body fat if there is no sugar in the way. Sugar is in the way if you have recently eaten something with carbs in it. Carbs are sugars. They are in most foods, especially in noodles, rice, bread and the like.

So the best thing you can do is eat foods low in carbs. The two main sources of food you can then go for are, on the one hand, protein-based foods (meat, eggs, fish, cheese), and on the other hand, vegetables like carrots, cabbage and so on.

So is fasting a good idea to lose weight?

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Fasting is good if you consider the following points:

-Fasting is a good way to start off a diet. You can go one or two days completely without food if that is the start of your diet

-Once your diet has started, try not to go without food for more than one day at a time, or else you will lose significant amounts of muscle tissue (that you need for burning energy!) and your body will slow down metabolism (which equals slowing down weight loss)

-Religious fasting usually means periods of not eating combing with breaking fast (often towards the night). Therefore, religious fasting is very similar to intermittent fasting. The body gets to recover from the fasting, which is a good thing. Also, religious fasting strengthens your spirit

-Intermittent fasting tells the body to get used to burning body fat, at the same time signalling the body that there is no need to go into emergency mode. This makes it a diet method worth considering

-The 4 hours rule is a stop and go of fasting and eating. If performed correctly (with a lot of protein and vegetables), the body will become very healthy. It is, in my opinion, the best form of diet, but can ocassionally be combined with intermittent fasting (perhaps once a week, during a weekend)

-Always make sure that your health is at no risk. In case of doubt, ask a doctor. Some people, especially with heart conditions or diabetes, need to be careful not to stress the body too much


The more regular the rhythm of fasting and eating is, the better it is, in my opinion. Once your diet gets a little stuck, you can also try to break the rhythm by doing something completely different.

There is one way where fasting is really bad: When you just totally stop eating altogether. There are even models who have this problem. They are unhappy about their weight, stop eating, and what happens then? They only lose muscle tissue. They still have a lot of fat, but it doesn't get burned because there are no muscles to burn any energy.

The most important thing is that you don't punish your body or force it into weight loss. You will be happier if you carefully plan your diet. It can still be extremely effective that way, trust me. Also check out my other posts to find out the real secrets of weight loss.


  1. Hi this is Alana you recently commented on my yahoo answers water fasting. Im going to do the intermitting fast on monday ahhh aha thanks so much for the help

    1. Hi Alana,

      Yeah, I remember :)
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