Frequently Asked Questions

What is this blog about?

This blog is about weight loss, specializing on foods, rules for weight loss, health benefits of water and sleep, and also helping specific groups of people (pregnant people, children, teenagers) with their weight problems.

What kind of diet philosophy does this website stand for?

To be absolutely sincere towards people, I tell them to use the diet that I found to be best. In my opinion, this is a no carb or low carb diet, depending on the level of success you expect and how hard you want to try to lose weight.

Are there any risks or dangers in a low carb or no carb diet?

As I wrote here, health dangers are usually extremely overrated or exaggerated by the media. If you are a normal person and don't deprive yourself of food until bad things happen, you are most likely to be okay. However, it has to be clear that I can't take responsibility for your health as I am distant from you and can't see your health condition in person. Therefore, you must always ask for a doctor's advice if you feel that there might be a health risk for you. This goes especially for people with heart conditions, pregnant women, children and teenagers, or any form of disease that involves caution to food.

How do I navigate on your website?

As this blog grows in blog entries, I try to put categories together where posts of the same basic topic like "pregnancy" or "children & teenagers" can be viewed. You can see this in the upper half of the screen on each page. Also, in the side bar are lists of new and popular posts that you can read. However, if you are looking for specific words or phrases, the most effective way to get a result is to go to the upper left corner where the blogger search bar appears. There, you can look for words and find relevant posts.

Can I buy weight loss products here?

Yes, I am currently placing products in the "products" category on the upper half of the homepage. I would like to offer my readers an opportunity to buy products that I tested and found useful. Also, if you buy products that are linked directly from my website, you will support my website as a percentage of the money made from your purchase will be transferred from the sales company (Amazon etc.) to my blog. By buying a product, you will help yourself and also "donate" something to me, while still buying at the regular price!

Can I contact you?

Yes, of course. As there are many blogs about weight loss out there and the competition is high, I have to come up with something. I like being different from all the other websites about weight loss. Since this is still a rather small blog, I like to get into touch with people who want to lose weight, and perhaps I can also give them useful tips from one person to the next. So what you can do is just post a comment somewhere!

This site uses commentluv, a tool that allows you to also link back to your own blog or website, which will bring other readers to your blog. On top of that, my blog is "dofollow", which means that links from my website to yours (including links in the comments) will improve your google ranking.

How often is this website updated?

At the moment, it's updated very regularly, at least weekly, but often daily. I often come up with new ideas, and this gets especially easy if I get input from you about what I should write! So I welcome comments from you telling me which topics to cover. If the topic already exists, I can give you a link.

What do I have to do if I am really hopeless and don't believe I can ever lose weight, no matter what I try?

The good thing is: It is physically impossible not to lose weight. Although this sounds drastic, think of the people in Africa who are starving. If there was a disease that prevented people from losing weight, there would be some of them living in Africa with the same "problem". There is always some way of losing weight, and usually, the best thing is to keep your emotions out of it. This also includes: Trying too hard. Sometimes, the best weight loss occurs when you stop thinking about it as a diet and just follow your rules as if it was some sort of daily routine, like brushing your teeth. Also, it is the simplicity of it that makes a good diet useful. If it takes too much effort to exercise, to calculate your calories, or to follow dozens of "must comply" rules, then of course you feel demotivated. So try to stick to the 3 or 4 very basic rules that are all over this blog, and don't do any less or more than that.
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