Herbs For Weight Loss

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When you are on a diet, it's sometimes hard to bring flavor into your food. But here are some herbs you can use to add some extra taste. They will also have positive effects on your diet. I have listed for you what each herb does.

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Garlic: + blood circulation, + detox

Chives: + digestion

Lemon grass: + digestion

Chervil: + kiney function, + digestion, +purification

Horseradish: + digestion, + diuretic, + antibiotic

Tarragon: + digestion

Scurvy-grass: + detox, + metabolism, + bile and liver activity, + laxative

Rocket: + digestion

Hyssop: + digestion

Sage: + bile activity, + digest meals high in fat

Burnet: + digestion

Cress: + blood purification, + digestion, + diuretic

Lovage: + digestion

Cicely: + laxative, + digestion

Thyme: + digestion, - flatulence

Marjoram: + digestion, + digest meals high in fat

Mustard: + digestion, + metabolsim

Anise: + bile activity, + digestion, + digest meals high in fat

Rhubarb: + laxative

Rosemary: + digestion, + blood circulation

Sorrel: + blood purification, + digestion

That's not all there is. Try all the herbs you find in a grocery and see how they work for you!

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