How To Lose Weight After Baby / Pregnancy - 7 Tips For Mothers

Many celebrities like Jennifer Lopez or Heidi Klum are famous examples of mothers who lost weight very quickly after delivery of their baby. Many women are keen to get back to their weight from before the pregnancy, especially when they felt uncomfortable with the physical changes that occured in the past 9 months.

But how do famous women make this work? And how can you be successful in the same way? Here is how, and what you need to consider.

1. Be aware of what's real and important

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Some things first that few people address, but for your own sake, I believe you deserve to know this:

You need to know that celebrities lead other lives than ordinary people like us. They can afford to spend two to three hours a day exercising to lose weight. They can hire baby sitters and nannies while they can take the privat jet to Hawaii to get a dieting coach jogging with them over the most beautiful beaches in the world.

This is a fantastic life, but it is not our reality. The reality of things is, you have a little baby to be proud of, a little child that needs you and depends on you. So your baby is always the number one priority.And some things, like exercising several hours a day, are not realistic for you right now. But don't worry, there are other ways.

2. Accept that your baby is a full time job

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Your motivation to lose weight is respectable. At the same time, keep your feet on the ground. As my cousin once said after giving birth: "Nobody ever tells you how difficult it really is". And she is right, isn't she?

Taking care of a little baby is already a difficult enough task. The emotional ups and downs are a lot to deal with. Therefore, you should go easy on yourself when trying to lose weight. Look at dieting as a side task that you complete automatically while you raise your child. If you do it right, you will lose weight without being much aware of your diet.

3. Things that are different when the baby is there

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Next up, let's look at the different aspects of your life that have changed with the birth of your baby. The following things are reminders that you have to consider some things before losing weight:

  • You don't have enough time to cook complicated meals
  • You get very little sleep
  • You are dealing with a lot of stress
  • Your baby is asking for your full attention
  • You can't expect to be alone to exercise or meditate for long periods of time

We now have the negative things out of the way and can fully focus on what you actually can do and how even your baby can help you lose weight!

4. Partake in activities together with your baby!

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The best way to burn calories in this time of your life is to go somewhere with your baby. Do something that benefits both you and your child!

Babies need to go through a lot of activities for their bodies and brains to develop. They need a lot of sensory imput and a lot of different stimuli so they grow into healthy individuals.

One of the very first things you can do is take your baby for a walk in the pram. / baby buggy. Breathe the fresh air outside, walk over long distances, and be prepared to assist your baby if it needs anything. Even grocery shopping is walking and therefore exercising.

Going to a public swimming pool is also a good idea. A baby is naturally not afraid of water and can really enjoy swimming together with the mother.

What kind of activities can you think of? Take your time to think about them and go out with your baby! This is your way of exercising!

5. Reduce your time in the kitchen and eat simple meals

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You will spend a lot of time in the kitchen as a mother, sometimes having to prepare food for the baby while it's already crying for it.

You need to manage your time carefully now, and the best thing about dieting is that you can save yourself from spending unnecessary time in the kitchen.

It goes like this: Do what you have to do for your baby. Regarding your own food, eat more raw food than what you have been used to. Enjoy fruits, vegetables and salads that neither require a pan nor a pot.

Prepare a protein shake once in a while, since protein is really important for a diet. Protein shakes are easy to make and all that is left to clean up afterwards is a glass and a whisk.

6. Generally follow a low carb lifestyle

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I have already indicated it, but I'd like to dedicate a separate point to this topic. As I said, eat fruits and vegetables and drink occassional protein shakes.

Low carb also means not eating bad foods like noodles, bread and other processed foods high in carbohydrates. If you check my other posts, you will soon get a good idea of what is best to eat.

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7. Take your time

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I believe every mother eventually has to go through a phase when she breaks down and cries. There is so much stress involved in having a baby that a diet can take its time. You should be very easy on yourself and accept that stress can take its toll on you sometimes.

Of all the people who go on a diet, I think mothers should enjoy the most of tolerance when it comes to sinning during a diet. So if you crave for chocolate and can't stop, then I guess that's okay. You know that sins will postpone the success of your diet, but if that's what keeps you sane, it's better for you and the baby.

So take your time, rediscover the goddess in you and go with the flow. You'll eventually get where you wanna go.

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