How To Lose Weight When You Can't Exercise


Congratulations for what?

You have come here after clicking through many other websites on how to lose weight when you can't exercise.

Now is the time you can learn something important. My brother is the prime example on how to lose weight when you can't, or in his case, don't want to exercise.

It does not matter whether you are not able exercise for good reasons or don't want to exercise. And you know what? You don't have to exercise anyway.

This is how it works:

1. Losing weight by not doing instead of doing

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The enticing premise about "lazy weight loss", as I like to call it, is that you lose weight by not doing certain things instead of having to do certain things.

Why is that important? Well, it's psychologically useful to know that all you have to do is not lift a finger in certain situations. You do not have to get up and go jogging. You do not need to lift weights.

Here are examples of "not doing":

  • Not eating the wrong food
  • Lying on the sofa instead of getting up to get chocolate
  • Not buying chocolate in the first place

2. Change a few habits and relax

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Before you can actually enjoy sitting back and losing weight, there are just a few habits you have to change. But they don't require hard work.

If you have strong cravings that drive you into the grocery to buy unhealthy food, you can read about it in my post The Difference Between Hunger And Cravings.

In the beginning, you only to get rid of bad habits. Buy a couple of sweet fruits that you can imagine eating instead of candy bars. Examples are: Bananas, apples, pineapple, mangos.

For the next days, drink protein shakes every 4 to 5 hours. When you feel like you can't take it any more, drink water to fill your stomach. If you feel like dying, eat one of the fruits you have bought. Eat as much as you think is necessary to feel better.

Having done this for a while, you will notice that you are less dependent on mood changes and cravings. You may even feel able to go without the fruits and start a normal Low Carb or No Carb Diet

3. Let the others work for you

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The basic principle of weight loss is that your fat reserves will be used. For that to happen, you need enzymes. Enzymes are little helpers that have all sorts of different tasks in your body. Some enzymes are specialized in disintegrating sugar food, others are specialized in disintegrating the fat that is already in your body.

Sometimes, there is some sort of competition going on. You can't have the maximum amount of anti-sugar enzymes and anti-fat enzymes at the same time. So you need to teach the body to go for the body fat.

You achieve this by not giving the body any sugar. You just stop giving it sugar. Then the body realizes that there is no more sugar coming, and it sets its sight on your body fat.

What do you do then? Nothing! You just sit on the couch and let the enzymes work. And you do not disturb them by eating.

How? You eat only every 4 hours, and what you eat has little to no sugar. Protein shakes with low sugar, vegetables with low sugar, general meals with low sugar.

At first, it's difficult, because it implies that you do without chocolate, without potatoes, rice, noodles and bread. But you get used to it. You can still eat a steak or fish with green beans.

4. The story of unexpected success

When I lost weight, it was sensational to me, but on the other hand, I had read about it and knew it might work.

With my brother, it was different. He seemed hopelessly overweight and had no self-confidence. He did not believe he could lose weight and had no motivation to try hard.

This is where the real surprise came. My brother, the man who had no confidence and will to try one more time, lost more than a third of his total weight by just keeping his food habits very simple. He did not even always follow all the rules, but what he did was good enough to lose weight in the long run.

He was a different person after that. And it was totally his way of losing weight. Not having to hope, not having to fight, not having to suggest to himself that he is a great person. Just being pragmatic about weight loss and not doing what's wrong.

Now you know the basic idea. Read my other posts to get more into it. You will even find out why the whole thing makes so much sense.

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