Is Low Carb Unhealthy?

There is a dogma in our society. It says: Carbohydrates are the very basis of a healthy lifestyle. Maybe you have seen the famous food pyramid, where bread, noodles and potatoes are on the bottom and vegetables, milk, cheese and meat are higher up.

This makes the impression that foods high in carbohydrates (carbs) are really important. Why is that the case? And why do some people say that, not only is a low carb diet unhealthy, it's even dangerous? Let's find out.

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Humans already survived without carbs before

You first need to look back in history, far back. It does not matter whether you believe in evolution or in a godly being. We can agree that there was once a time before people produced noodles and bread. And even potatoes and rice were not grown in masses like today.

Think about what we used to eat throughout most of our existence. We are designed to eat moderate amounts of carbs only. This means: A lot of vegetables low in carbs. Roots. Mushrooms. Leaves. The stuff that people found in the woods with hard work. Sometimes, they came across an apple. It wasn't a shiny, sparkling apple as seen in supermarkets and groceries. It was a small, pitiful little apple, shrinked and dry. It tasted more sour than sweet.

Why do eskimos not drop dead?

This is the reality of our past. Now let's look at other cultures. The eskimo or inuit culture. They live in a harsh environment, and I honestly can't think of anything growing there at all. And that's true. It's just ice. Everything that lives in this area is in some way dependent on the sea.

So what do eskimos eat? They eat seals, whales, fish. Whatever they can find. Do you see any carbs here? I don't. It's all meat. No carbs, only a lot of fat and protein. How do they survive?

If it was true what many people nowadays claimed, inuit and other wild cultures wouldn't exist. On top of that, it seems that people who live in the wild are not constantly diabetic and prone to heart attacks. But maybe I'm wrong, you decide.

How many more heart attacks, bypasses, children with diabetes do we need before we realise the source of our problems? How many people have to suffer before we turn things around and realise we have been fooled?

The truth is: Your body knows very well what to do. Even if you go for a very strict No Carb Diet like I did, and ate foods without any carbs (like these, for example), you will still consume some carbs. Your body will filter out tiny little traces of carbs. Don't worry. Your brain won't ever shut down.

For all sceptics, read this article about a scientist who lived with eskimos and tried their diet for years:
All Meat Diet

Entire industries depend on YOU buying their products

But why is everyone so insisting on carbs then?

Well, some societies still have a common cultural memory of bad times. After World War II, bread was the most important source of food. Not even I will deny that. When people are in dire need, carbs are really great. But look at the fast food chains nowadays. Do we really need carbs in such unnatural quantities?

The answer is "no". We have strayed from the path. And there is a whole lobby, a whole industry behind everything. They are feeding fears and telling lies. It's the sugar industry, making billions every year.

Don't get fooled. Low carb is a very safe and healthy way to live. If you just go with what's natural for every animal, every inuit and every person in history before we screwed things up, you are on the right path!

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