Liquid Diet Weight Loss

A liquid diet can help you lose weight because digestion is improved. At the same time, I incorporated the low carb principles into this post so that your diet will not only be based on liquidity, but the ideas behind the best diet ever, as far as I can tell!

How do I get the best out of my liquid diet?

Most other websites out there will give you a couple of drinks, tell you about some health benefits and leave it there. But I want to go a little deeper and offer you something more useful. So when you read on and notice that I also talk about water, coffee and tea, please note that I will give you extra information!

#1 - Water

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Of course, water. What else? Let's make this quick with as much information as possible:

-drink more water than you need, 3 bottles a day or more, as long as you don't feel bloated, it's never too much!

-water is always an option when your stomach is empty! there is no time of the day or night that water would be wrong!

-water contains no energy, so it's the only "food" that comes for no energetic price

-your body will get rid of meals more quickly with a good supply of water, which also means less reception of fats and carbs while they are drifting through your intestines

#2 - Tea

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We don't need to limit ourselves to only one specific type of tea. There are many sorts of tea, and most of them are good for a diet. Tea is almost like water, and they are basically free of calories. If you wish to know very exactly how tea helps in a diet, read my separate post titled Weight Loss Tea.

#3 - Coffee

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Coffee is similar to tea from an energetic point of view, but has different effects. It has been scientifically proven that coffee does not deprive your body of water once it has gotten used to coffee. Here are some things you should know about coffee:

-coffee makes you more awake, but that also goes for your metabolism. More energy burned.

-coffee is one of the factors of avoiding skin cancer, especially when paired with sunlight (no joke!) and jogging

-if you time your last coffee of the day right, you might be later tired enough to have an even better sleep (also check: Losing weight in your sleep).

#4 - Soup / Broth

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You have different options. A clear soup with ingredients to eat, a clear soup with the ingredients filtered out, and a thick soup, like a mushed pumpkin soup, for example.

The best thing to consume the lowest of carbs is a clear soup that's been filtered. We can call this a broth, also.

In essence, it works like water again. But it's a meal at the same time. When a broth is really tasty and hot, it gives your stomach a wonderful feeling of satisfaction. You can also eat broth any time you like, just like water. Use it in between "meals" (protein shakes, which we will come to later) to get rid of hunger (speaking of hunger, maybe you want to check out the difference between hunger and cravings).

#5 - Protein shakes

Although ranked at number 5, this is the most important part of your liquid diet weight loss. The reason is that this is your main meal if you decide to only drink while reducing weight.

Protein shakes contain what other drinks usually don't contain. Most of all, protein! Protein is used for building enzymes that reduce fat and other things.

I tested a protein shake, you can check it out here. But it's really up to you which brand you buy. Only make sure of two things: There should be as few carbs as possible. And there should be some high quality protein in there. In case of doubt, ask the people at your store.

#6 - Vegetable smoothie

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Perhaps you have read about smoothies on other sites. My personal opinion is: If you decide to go through the hassle of losing weight only drinking and not eating, at least avoid the typical traps that other people go through. And one of these traps is to drink concentrated sugars like juice or soft drinks.

Smoothies can contain significant amounts of sugars, and this will not help your diet. In fact, it will make you want more and more. We need to get you away from that.

There is one smoothie that helps. It's a vegetable smoothie. These smoothies are usually green and consist of low carb vegetables. Search for green vegetable smoothies online and find one that looks suitable for a diet.

#7 - Banana milk

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Of all the liquids in this list, both milk and bananas are the highest in sugar here. Milk is good because it contains proteins. Bananas are fruits with lots of vitamins. A banana milk shake is a nice treat that you can allow yourself once in a while. Not every day. If your liquid diet is lasting for many days, you can reward yourself with something liquid.

#8 - Vitamin tablets

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I am talking about the little vitamin pills that dissolve in water, you know what I mean? They will give you a really fresh feeling if you can't get yourself to drink. While I usually like them with a solid meal, they could help you add some vitamins if it's been difficult for you to keep up with vegetables.


With what we can see now, there are enough things to drink to last you the whole day. Many different flavors are possible, and if you feel like you can allow yourself some, you could even make a nice chocolate drink.

The most important thing is always to get enough protein, vitamins and minerals. So make sure there is enough of these. A liquid diet is usually something to last for a couple of days. Check out my other posts to read more about how else you can lose weight.

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