Lose Weight The Healthy Way

You have come here because you want to lose weight. But not with unnatural products or with extreme methods. You just want to lose weight the healthy way. And you acknowledge that it's better for you to lose weight in a steady, consistent way than in a crash diet.

Here are the basic rules you can follow. You will feel a lot better. My brother and I followed these guidelines and lost a lot of weight (you can read about it in my other posts).

1. Replace manufactured food with natural food

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Maybe you have been eating vegetables and fruits so far, but it hasn't helped you yet. There are some foods out there in the grocery that will just stop your diet.

The products I am talking about here are those with unnatural levels of carbohydrates (carbs). Carbs are basically sugars. You know sugars: Strawberries are sweet, mangos are sweet, pineapples are sweet. That's all nice and fine, but it's as sweet as nature gets.

On the other hand, we have noodles, bread, french fries. What do these have in common? Well, two things: They don't grow on trees and they have massive amounts of carbs in them.

Get rid of everything that has high carbs. Especially if they are man-made products that didn't exist when humans first walked the earth. Humans are not made for eating these products, and their organisms are not designed to process such unnatural amounts of carbs.

2. Eat vegetables and fruits - just not too much of the sweet ones

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You want to eat as much as possible of what's fresh, unprocessed, and unchanged. The groceries offer a vast variety of vegetables and fruits. The only trap you could now fall for is to choose only what's already so sweet. It's not bad to eat strawberries once in a while, but if you depend too much on sweet foods, then you will crave for them too much.

Also note that there are other foods you can use that might not come to mind: Lentils, soy beans and other sideline plants don't show up where the fresh vegetables are, but they are also plants and have very useful functions in your diet.

3. Eat a lot of protein in different variations

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Many people think they will lose weight by eating only vegetables and fruits. They may even have initial success. But there is one thing that is extremely important to the human body: Protein. It is the building material for muscles, the immune system, enzymes and even the brain itself. Nothing in the body works without protein.

And for the body to adapt to a diet, it takes protein. The best natural sources of protein are fish, meat, dairy products, but also some plants. Legumes have a high level of protein.

Moreover, there is a neat little trick you can use: Combine different sources of protein. You see, each protein source has its own so-called biological value. This value indicates how much of the protein is actually accessible to the body. If you combine, for example, lentils with chicken, you get a meal that has a higher biological value than both ingredients combined. The body can use protein from both sources and actually access more protein than it could if you only ate one of these sources at a time.

4. Eat healthy fat

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Fat is not the black sheep in the food family. There are different types of fat. Some play an important role for your body.

The easiest way to go about it is like this: Fat from fish is always good. Eating plants that have a lot of fat (for example avocado, nuts etc.) is also good. Olive oil is good. Not so good: Fat in pork, beef etc.

5. Drink a lot of water

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You need to drink water to "flush the system", as I like to say. The amount of water you drink is vital to how fast you lose weight. Thirst is an indicator of not drinking enough water, and it is already a sign that you drink too little.

Drink several bottles of water, even more than you think is enough, and don't worry about possible risks. As long as you are not trying to break a record within only a couple of hours and feel sick, you will be okay.

6. Learn to stop right there

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This step is the most, most, most important. I have given you some guidelines here. The next step is: You need to know that there shouldn't be "more" after that. No more food.

When people lived in caves or out in the open, they ate what I described: Fish, meat, plants. Period. That was it. They didn't have cake for dessert. Learn to leave it at that. It's the right way.

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