Losing Weight During Sleep - How To Lose Weight While Sleeping

You might have heard about the "lose weight in your sleep" diet. It almost sounds too good to be true, but it actually is true. What most people don't know is that you can make this diet even more effective. And I will show you how.

It's all about the hormones

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There is a hormone called Human Growth Hormone - known as HGH.

HGH is the single most effective weight loss tool of your body. It works better than jogging, better than eating less, better than choosing which things to eat - and at the same time, all these things have an influence on how HGH works.

So the key element to losing more weight than most people is to understand how the best weight loss tool works.

Things to know about HGH

You can increase your HGH level. The better your HGH works, the faster you lose weight, and it all happens in your sleep. This hormone only works then! This is the whole trick behind losing weight in your sleep. Don't buy expensive books on the topic.

Here are the key factors on how to boost your HGH to the maximum. Remember that you don't have to apply all these things, do what feels right for you:

-long, high-quality sleep
-low blood sugar level
-physical activity

How do I accomplish these things?

Some of the things I mentioned are pretty easy to figure out, but misunderstandings can happen. Let's go through all the things I said just now:

Darkness: It sounds easy, but it's not. When I say darkness, I mean total darkness, as in a night without a moon. HGH is only at its most effective in total darkness. Keep in mind that summer months mean short nights. You might miss out on some weight loss if it's not totally pitch black in your room.

Here are some things you can do:

-Use a sleeping mask to cover your eyes. Thus, it doesn't matter when the sun is shining
-Use thick curtains to block any light (including moonlight) and close your doors

Long, high-quality sleep: This includes two things. First, you need to allow yourself enough time to really sleep. Sleep has to be a priority in your life. Second, your sleep needs to be good sleep. If your sleep is interrupted a lot, some things need to be changed. Is the temperature okay? Are the sheets right? Do you have a good bed? If you are having troubles going into sleep because of thoughts, try to tire yourself out with physical activities.

Low blood sugar level: This is the essence of a low carb diet. If your blood sugar is kept on a reasonable level, your HGH will be able to work for you. What you should not do is eat cake for dinner. Or anything like that. Even if it's unusual at first, try to go without bread, rice, noodles etc.
A good example for a good last meal before you sleep is a salad with fish or chicken. It also helps to eat dinner pretty early and leave some hours in between before it's time to sleep. So eat early enough.

Fasting: People who practice dinner skipping make use of this technique. They simply leave out dinner and just go to bed with an empty stomach. It solves the problem of keeping your blood sugar low (as mentioned before). So you kill two birds with one stone.

Physical activity: Both cardio training and bodybuilding increase HGH. You can try some of both or just go for your favorite activity. Physical activity means anything, including the occasional walk in the park. The more tired you are, the better it is. Here, you also kill two birds with one stone if you are so tired that you go into a deep, high-quality sleep. Please note: If you exercise heavily, end your training some hours before you go to bed, so that your pulse doesn't interfere with sleep.

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