Skipping Up To Two Meals A Day - How To Eat Less Easily

One of the easiest methods to lose weight is to eat a little less than you usually eat. While this may sound too simplistic, it can help a lot during a good diet. A couple of tricks can both reduce weight and make it easier to not eat so much.

Two meals you can skip or postpone

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There are two times during the day when it's easiest to either skip a meal or postpone it to later. One is the breakfast and the other one is dinner.

Let's say you wake up on a beautiful sunday morning. You get up and go straight to the kitchen. But wait! You could do something else. If you manage to postpone your breakfast, you can just eat your meal a little later, and you will have had enough food for many hours to come once you have eaten a postponed meal.

The other meal is dinner. How about this: You time your last meal to be a couple of hours before you go to sleep. And when your body is starting to get hungry, you are already too tired to make something to eat, or even better, you are sound asleep!

How to skip or postpone breakfast

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Whether you skip breakfast or postpone it depends on what you are about to eat for the first time of the day. If you have the day off (a holiday or a sunday for most people), you might be able to skip breakfast altogether with several tricks:

-Since it's your day off, you can sleep in, which gives you some more hours of not having to eat

-You might have a hobby that keeps you totally busy, and you don't find the time to eat

-Once you get up, you thoroughly brush your teeth, which reduces appetite incredibly

-You are planning a really great meal that takes hours to prepare, and you are looking forward to it

If you have to go to work, it might be a little difficult for you to completely skip breakfast and wait for lunch. But maybe you are allowed to have a break for breakfast at work. You can get your motivation for postponing breakfast this way:

-You have more time to sleep if you don't eat breakfast in the morning

-You don't have to fix yourself a breakfast, which saves time. Just bring something to work that you prepared the night before

-You can seize the time you have before going to work with less stress and focus on other things

How to skip dinner

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As explained before, you can skip dinner by simply eating your last meal of the day at a specific time that you, and no one else, decides on. Most people eat their dinner at an arbitrary time, like 6:00 pm or so, but why wouldn't you adapt to your own sleeping cycle?

Let's say you go to bed at 11:00 pm. Your last meal should be at a time that is convenient for you to go to bed without feeling terrible pain in your stomach, and at the same time not being full of food. It should be enough to just feel a little hungry, but your desire to sleep will be stronger.

Depending on your stomach and how you can take not eating for a while, your last meal might be at 7:00 pm (4 hours before 11:00 pm), or even 6:00 pm or earlier. If 7:00 pm is too late, then maybe you can eat something very light for dinner, like a salad.

Remember that the times I just mentioned are just examples. Everything depends on when you fall asleep. Count back several hours from your approximate time of going to bed, and experiment a little. It doesn't have to work right from the start.

Another piece of advice: Your last meal of the day, no matter if it's a traditional dinner or something else, should always be a low carb meal. Avoid carbs/sugars at all costs!

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