Spices For Weight Loss - TOP 5

Even more than herbs, spices can really boost your diet efforts with their tremendous power. Here are some of the most useful spices you can add to your meal in order to lose weight more quickly.

1. Chili

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Chili can really fire up your system. It turns your body into a steam engine. Blood circulation, metabolism and sweating are increased. Fat is burned faster. Digestion is also improved.

Adding chili to your diet is also a great reason to try some new exotic meals.

2. Ginger

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This plant is used for drinks, snacks or as a spice. It has a unique taste of freshness and works well with asian dishes. It has antibiotic effects on your body and also speeds up digestion. It is also much easier to take than chili, if chili is too much for you.

3. Turmeric

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Just watch the beautiful color a meal gets when adding this wonderful spice. The powerful yellow and gold makes meals look even more delicious. Turmeric is very healthy, helps your metabolism, and has some detox abilities.

4. Cinnamon

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Unlike the other spices here, cinnamon is used in a different way. Not only does it have a completely different taste, is used for different meals and does not belong to the hot spices. It also has a different effect on your diet and can be used well in protein shakes.

Cinnamon is also good for baking, where it will add a christmas-like flavor. In protein shakes, it will add taste to what might have been a bland experience.

The special effect of cinnamon is that it helps control the blood sugar level. This is important to reduce dependence on sugars, stop craving and keeping your body stable.

5. Black pepper

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The last one on this list is a classic. Its main advantage as a spice is that it's very versatile. It is used in meals that already have their own flavor, like Italian food for example, and unlike chili, the level of pepperiness stays the same while eating and does not become too much over time.

Black pepper will boost digestion like the other hot spices on this list. You can buy it anywhere, and maybe you will use it more often from now on.
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