Weight Gain And Loss During Pregnancy

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With crazy cravings and erratic emotions, any pregnancy can become a challenge. This post is designed to help you deal with weight gain when you are expecting a baby. Let's look at the most important things if you consider weight loss during a pregnancy.

#1 - Your doctor's medical advice

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No matter what people on the internet tell you, your doctor knows you best and will get a very objective idea of how appropriate your wish for weight loss is. Since nobody in your circle of family or friends, let alone people on the internet can be taken responsible for what happens to you or your baby, your doctor is the one who should always have the last word.

#2 - Apply common sense when eating food

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You can eat what is healthy both for you and your baby by just thinking before you eat. Did you know that the amount of fat cells that a person has is not changeable and that this amount is determined during pregnancy? Yes, it's true. A mother is responsible for how many fat cells a baby has. Although a person with many fat cells can have slim fat cells, it's harder to be healthy than it is for people who already had a normal amount of fat cells to begin with.

And here is where we need to look at food: Most websites out there will tell you not to lose weight during pregnancy because you deprive your baby of important nutrition. But is that true? Well, I believe that it comes down to what's actually good for your baby, right?

I will give you an example. Noodles are manufactured food, they were made by machines and contain only energy (mainly carbs or sugars). There is nothing of value in these noodles, but they have the energetic value of probably dozens of peppers, zucchinis and lemons. Why would anyone want to eat this rubbish?

All that is in noodles can be eaten by much healthier foods, with the positive effect that additional healthy substances enter your body and your baby's body. Instead of eating junk food like fries and noodles, eat as many vegetables and fruits as you like, fresh and full of vitamins and minerals!

I also believe that, with every meal that is junk food, you deprive your baby of one healthy meal. Because your stomach will be full and you can't eat that pineapple or asparagus that would have been so, so useful for your baby! Please act responsibly!

#3 - Don't eat for two

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Many women have this misconception that, once they enter pregnancy, they have to eat for two persons. Why in the world would this be true? During most of the pregnancy, the baby is very small. And once the baby is out, even for a slim woman, the baby's weight often only reaches 6 per cent of the mother's weight!

You do the math. Don't eat for two people. Listen to your body instead. Another thing that's important, however, is that you get vitamins for two people! This is the main difference. Why would you need sugars and fat for two people? Make sure your baby gets the right vitamins and minerals! Check more on this here!

#4 - Is weight loss possible and safe?

To answer whether something is possible or not, I usually like to use an exaggerated example. If the exaggeration is true, then the answer is true in general.

So imagine there is a really obese woman, dangerously obese, can hardly enter through a door. If this woman is pregnant, I think it's safe to say that she would lose a significant amount of weight during pregnancy if she ate healthy food - inlcuding her favorite fruits, vegetables and salads, and eating healthy protein from meat, fish, eggs and nuts and legumes. She would leave out fries, noodles, rice, bread and potatoes (high carb foods).

This would lead to a significant weight loss. I can't think of any scientific or medical reason why this would harm the foetus in any way. All the nutrients are there in more than sufficient quantities.

Therefore, weight loss during pregnancy is possible. How much weight loss is possible, depends on the weight of the woman, though. If you are only a little overweight, you are probably not going to lose weight, not only because of your baby growing in you, but also because it's not worth the effort. If you are very much overweight, some weight loss might make sense.

The best thing to do during a diet is not to think as much about weight as thinking about health. While weight loss is always a means to weight reduction, healthy living is primarily focussing on health. So focus on health first and don't concentrate much on weight loss. You can still lose weight after the pregnancy.

#5 - Can I lose weight after my pregnancy?

You can lose weight after your pregnancy. Give yourself a while to recover from the delivery, then start a very comfortable, slow diet. You need to take your diet slowly because you are dealing with a serious task - taking care of a baby.

Losing weight after pregnancy is a whole new chapter of its own, so I have dedicated an entire post to this topic. Click here.


  1. Really helpful tips! I'll remember them if I ever get pregnant, hehe :P

    1. Hey, thanks for your comment. Yeah... if.... :)


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