Weight Loss Tea - Green Tea And More

Tea has beneficial effects on a diet and can actually help you lose weight. Tea itself does not make you lose tons of weight, but it's a good team player in a strong team of weight loss methods.

All these teas have some things in common: They will improve digestion, add useful secondary plant compounds, reduce the feeling of hunger and activate metabolism.

Green Tea

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It has been scientifically proven that green tea has antioxidants. They help you to stay healthy. Chinese and Japanese people know of the good effects of green tea. In these areas of the world, green tea is very popular. Some studies indicate that one cup of green tea a day increases your life expectancy.

Ginger Tea

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As you may know from my post about Spices For Weight Loss, ginger is really useful. If you can't think of any meals to use ginger with, or if you just want a strong tea that flushes your body with power, make some ginger tea.

My special tip: There is an iced version of this. Prepare ginger tea the usual way, let it cool down, then put it into the fridge. You make ice tea that way. If you want it even fresher, mix it with mineral water.

Peppermint Tea

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Did you ever notice that brushing your teeth with toothpaste reduces your appetite? You can make use of this by drinking peppermint tea. The freshness in your mouth will stop some cravings for some time. This is a good tea for in between, when you are either getting hungry or developing a craving (also check: The Difference Between Hunger And Cravings)

Chinese Tea

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The Chinese have a culture of tea that could only be done justice by a list of its own. There are many good tea types, one of them is Oolong tea. This tea is said to help you burn fat. Another Chinese tea is Pu-erh tea, which blocks fats from being stored in your body. If you have an Asian shop somewhere around, I am sure somebody there will be very glad to offer you some amazing tea there.

Experimental Tea

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I believe you can guess by now that it's not only about specific kinds of tea, but tea in general that's good. Of course, the above-mentioned teas are unique in their own way. On the other hand, you can really try out some things of your own. With what you have at home, try to mix your own tea. You can use bay leaves or other dried herbs, like rosemary. Or you can use the skin of peeled oranges, for instance. All you need to do is boil some water, put all of the ingredients into a can, and filter out the plant and fruit pieces you put in later (or use a filter that can be bought cheaply in a store).

Get inspired and enjoy tea as a part of your diet for weight loss success!

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