What Can You Eat To Gain Weight?

So, you want to gain weight instead of losing it? You are lucky because it's easier to gain weight than to lose it.

There are two ways to gain weight. In which way you gain weight depends on why you want to gain weight.

Here are the two ways to gain weight, and reasons why you would want to gain weight that way.

1. Increasing muscle tissue

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Most people want more muscles, and that's how they gain weight, by looking more bulky and muscular. Muscles tissue is heavier than fat, and therefore, will cause the person to gain weight.

Another reason could be to just be healthier. It's usually a good thing to have stronger muscles, especially to support the spine.

How can you increase muscle tissue? It's quite simple: You supply your body with high quality protein on a very regular basis. That means healthy food as in fish, meat, cheese etc. But also protein shakes work well. The other part is exercising. You need to tell your body that there is a need to build muscle tissue. The body will only build muscle tissue if there is a reason for it. That reason is physical work.

2. Increasing fat tissue

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Yes, it may sound odd, but there are sometimes good reasons to have more fat in your body. Some people feel they look too skinny, or need to recover from an unhealthy level of (too little) fat in the body. There is one reason that applies especially to women: Looking more female. The breasts consist of fat, too. Having more overall body fat will highlight the breasts, which can make women more attractive.

It is not easy to balance this. Fat is fat, so once you want to gain weight in some area, others will be affected, too. But you could still exercise to have a nice-looking butt, nice-looking waist etc.

How do you gain fat the fast way? It's really easy. The scientific explanation would be to combine sugar and fat in meals. That means carbohydrates and fat, or carbs and fat. Want some examples?

-French fries and tomato ketchup
-A meal with noodles or rice, than a sweet dessert

Basically, you can eat anything that you consider a sinful pleasure, and just indulge in it.


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Gaining weight depends on why you want to gain weight. Always try to stay healthy and don't go to extremes. Ask yourself what the reason for your wish to gain weight is, and also observe what others think of you. 

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