10 Ways To Lose Weight Without Exercise

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On your quest to losing weight, you find it very difficult to exercise. If you want to lose weight and not have to exercise, I have the good news that this is not only possible, but just as effective as exercising.

The reason why you can easily lose weight without physical activities is that the overwhelming majority of people who try to lose weight by exercising don't know what they are doing. They believe that effort equals effectiveness, which is wrong.

It is not effort that causes weight loss, it is applied knowledge.

Here are 10 tips for you. And most of these tips are accompanied by links to other posts I wrote on this blog. I recommend that you deepen your knowledge and learn the tricks that few people are aware of.

One thing in advance: These tips work best if used together. However, you can pick or drop any of these to your liking.

Tip #1: Go for No Carb

A no carb diet is a very strict diet, but only in an energetic sense. You are still allowed to eat lovely foods such as steaks, cheese or fish, the only difference is that some foods are totally off the table. Your body also feels very tired for some time, but if I have to choose between feeling a little tired and having to run a marathon to lose weight, I would just go with the no carb diet.

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Tip #2: Change to Low Carb

The low carb diet is the more merciful version of a no carb diet. It goes easy on you, doesn't require as much abstinence from certain foods and is good for a long term weight loss. You can either start with a no carb diet and later switch to low carb, or you start off with low carb if you feel it's easier for you.

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Tip #3: Lose weight when you sleep

Losing weight in your sleep is the absolute opposite of losing weight while exercising. And it sounds too good to be true. Many scam companies out there try to sell products and services based on the principle, and that's why it's very frowned upon.

But the reality of weight loss is so simple and commonly known that it's not necessary to pay for the information. At least that's what I believe, and I'm going to blow the whistle anyway, regardless of what companies try to market as secrets.

There are a few factors that have an effect on weight loss during sleep. It's not important to follow all steps, since they only increase effectiveness together, but to generally follow the concept is a guarantee for weight loss.

Everything is laid out in detail here: Lose Weight While Sleeping.

Tip #4: Break the circle with intermittent fasting

Every once in a while, every diet can stall and you will be stuck with your weight. Then it's a good idea to change your habits drastically for just a couple of hours or days, to give your body the impression that something is different.

Intermittent fasting is a technique used to increase the burning of fat temporarily. If it's overused, the body will go into a "starving mode" and reduce its energy consumption. Fasting should be used wisely and not too much. Many people eat too little over longer periods of time. But the initial idea is good and very natural - if there is no food, your body knows it has to access body fat.

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Tip #5: Drink more than ever

The importance of drinking is often underestimated. When I say you should drink more, I don't mean that you only deliberately follow the common advice of experts (which will lead to you drinking more than you are used to). You are actually supposed to drink even more than what's recommended.

There are no real safety concerns here, by the way. Drinking four or five big bottles of water can turn out to be no problem at all. The only thing to not do is to drink them all in one go. If you notice that you are not feeling good, then it's too much.

In general, drinking two glasses of water per hour is already a good start. Always have some water with you, and of course you can drink tea or coffee, too.

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Tip #6: Trust the power of protein

No diet works in the long run without protein. The substance that is responsible for muscle growth, regeneration, the immune system and biological processes being carried out. Proteins are very common in meat, fish and eggs, but also in soy beans, lentils and other plants. A good option to prepare a quick protein meal is to simply make a protein shake.

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Tip #7: Vitamins and minerals

Some vitamins and minerals can boost your weight loss by how they accelerate and improve certain biological processes. Some of the most useful are vitamin C and magnesium. There are many rumours about vitamins being dangerous, but getting killed by vitamins is extremely difficult. You need to either drink several gallons of carrot juice every day or eat the liver of a polar bear. Most vitamins are thrown out of the body if there is too much of them.

Tip #8: Perform psychological exercising

If you don't like physical exercising, how about mental training?

A lot of weight loss happens in your mind. It's the place that can make dreams come true or shatter them. Several techniques are possible that can improve weight loss, and I will name some of them here. The power of the mind is stronger than you imagine, so don't be too skeptical about it, you'd be surprised!


Autosuggestion essentially means suggesting to yourself. By doing so, you are telling yourself that you can do this, that you are a winner, that you are slim.

You don't just tell yourself what you want and what you will become. Act as if you had already achieved your goal. Make simple, short, positive statements towards yourself that you say out loud.

"I am making this happen"
"I am losing weight"
"My body is sexy"

These are some examples. Be good to yourself and talk well about yourself. Nothing beats the power of inner strength and positiveness.

Positive thinking

This is just a more general approach than autosuggestion. While autosuggestion is for certain moments when you boost your self-confidence, positive thinking is your general outlook on life and everything that happens. If you are one of these people who believe that bad things keep happening to them and that everything is going to fail, it's time to turn things around.

Please know: I am not one of these people who like to say "stop to self-pity yourself" etc. I know there is a reason why you have been so negative. Other people calling you weak or self-absorbed doesn't make you feel better. I believe that even evil people have a reason for why they have become the way they are. It's time to start a process of self-healing and self-acceptance. It means forgiving yourself for everything, and not holding a grudge any more.

From my personal experience, a good way to become an optimist is to change from a pessimist towards a realist first. So instead of going from "I can't lose weight" to "I am so going to lose weight!", allow yourself to think "this can work if I do it right".


Many forms of meditation exist. Autogenous training is one of them. The way I know it, it's an attempt to let go and not to think. Trying very hard not to think seems difficult. Sit down somewhere and only perceive, without judging. Let yourself fall. Sit comfortably, hear sounds, feel the wind, don't interpret what you feel.

If you catch yourself drifting into thoughts a lot, ask yourself "what is the next thing I am going to think?". For a brief moment, there you might even find emptiness. Develop that emptiness.

Lucid dreaming for weight loss

Lucid dreaming means dream control. You can actually learn to sleep and then recognize that you are in a dream. When I first accidentally made this happen, I was shocked and amazed that the brain is capable of finding out its dreaming. It's like a new sort of intelligence.

You can even use lucid dreaming as a tool. It is possible to dream of many beautiful things, like intimacy, meeting lost family members or flying. When used for weight loss, you could deliberately dream up your favorite meal and eat until you can't eat any more. It won't add any calories to your body because it's all in your head. But I promise you: You won't feel the difference! It's so real!

Or you can dream of how your body will look once you lose weight. Imagine walking around with that new body! All of this can be dreamt up!

Tip #9: Change only small things in your life

If many of the tips here seem to far-fetched and too hard to realize, try changing only a couple of things. This is an alternative for people who can't turn everything upside down in their lives. Here are some things you could do:

  • Simply don't buy food that you know is bad for you - if it's not in your kitchen, you can't eat it!
  • After a meal, when you crave for something sweet, chew a chewing gum instead of eating chocolate!
  • Replace noodles and rice with your favorite fruits. At least they are natural and healthy.

Tip #10: Team up with other people

When you are the only person in your life who is really after reducing fat, you might begin to lie to yourself, cheat yourself out of the diet or simply give up. If you find a team of people who are sharing your desire of losing weight, you will be more disciplined towards actually making your diet work, and you will be more loyal towards the goal. It also helps to share advice, to listen to other people's problems and to realise that not only do other people have similar stories to tell, there are also those who succeeded.

If you don't feel like finding other people to lose weight with, you can find people online. Leave comments on this blog for example, and me and other people might be able to help you.

If you want more tips on how to lose weight without exercising, check out my other post: How To Lose Weight When You Can't Exercise!

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