Best Fruits To Eat When Dieting - Top 13 Fruits With Less Than 10% Carbs

The best fruits to eat when dieting are those with relatively little sugar. As you know, fruits tend to have more carbohydrates than vegetables, but there are some exceptions. Here are 13 fruits that share one unique feature: They have less than 10% net carbs. What does that mean? Carbs consist of different components. Some are sugars, others are fibers. Fibers are not digested and therefore don't count as real carbs.

Let's look at the 13 fruits that you can eat once in a while - even on a low carb diet. The nutritional information is always per 100g, or in other words: percentage-wise.

1. Avocado

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Carbs: 8.53
 -sugars: 0.66
 -dietary fiber: 6.7
net carbs: 1.83

Avocado, a fruit high in healthy fats and low in carbs, has only 1.83% net carbs, which is the combination of sugars and complex carbs minus dietary fiber. This is a very low amount of carbs. Avocado is also a very versatile fruit. It is very soft and can also be used for sauces, as spread for sandwiches or for protein and milk shakes.

2. Blackberry

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Carbs: 10
 -sugars: 4.9
 -dietary fiber: 5
net carbs: 5

Half of the blackberry's carbs are made up of fibers, which leaves us with a fruit that only has 5% real carbs. For a fruit you can mix with cereals or even eat on their own, that's a fantastic value. Of course, these berries are healthy regardless of their sugar level, especially in terms of vitamin C.

3. Raspberry

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Carbs: 11.94
 -sugars: 4.42
 -dietary fiber: 6.5
net carbs:  5.44

At first, when you read 11.94, you think to yourself: "Woah... too much sugar". But then you notice the whopping 6.5% fibers and realize this berry is awesome. Fibers are not only indigestible, they also help improve digestion. Needless to say, raspberries are great providers of vitamins and minerals just like other fruits in this list.

4. Strawberry

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Carbs: 7.68
 -sugars: 4.89
 -dietary fiber: 2
net carbs: 5.68

Would you believe that one of the tastiest and most delicious fruits actually has only around 5-6% net carbs? This is almost nothing compared to unhealthy, manufactured foods like noodles or french fries.

5. Lemon

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Carbs: 9
 -sugars: 2.5
 -dietary fiber: 2.8
net carbs: 6.2

The reason why lemon is still totally unproblematic as a food source in a diet is the fact that lemon is very sour. Even if you drink pure lemon juice, you won't drink enough to cause any weight gain. Lemon juice is perfect to increase the effectiveness of vitamin C. A little bit of lemon juice can be used to flavor meat and fish. You never have to count carbs when lemon is involved.

6. Watermelon

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Carbs: 7.55
 -sugars: 6.2
 -dietary fiber: 0.4
net carbs: 7.15

Consisting of almost 92% water, most of what you eat will leave your body without adding any energy. Watermelon is a good choice for dessert and will fill your stomach easily. Don't eat too much, though.

7. Cantaloupe melon

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Carbs: 8.16
 -sugars: 7.86
 -dietary fiber: 0.9
net carbs: 7.26

Since these melons come in different sizes between 500g and 5kg (1 and 10 lbs), it is wise to only eat small portions to avoid too much sugar.

8. Grapefruit

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Carbs: 8.41
 -sugars: 7.31
 -dietary fiber: 1.1
net carbs:  7.31

This fruit is so mystical and popular among diet fans that there is even a grapefruit diet. Considering that grapefruit is so sour that you can't overeat, this comes as no surprise.

9. Cranberry

Image courtesy of James Barker /

Carbs: 12.2
 -sugars: 4.04
 -dietary fiber: 4.6
net carbs: 7.6

The cranberry also makes it into this list because of its high fiber. Please note that 95% of cranberries sold come not in raw state, but in juice drinks, sauces and the like. We are only talking about raw fruits here. So always check thoroughly what you buy and what the nutritional information on the packaging has to say.

10. Peach

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Carbs: 9.54
 -sugars: 8.39
 -dietary fiber: 1.5
net carbs: 8.04

Peaches are sweet and delicious, but 8% net carbs is a fair deal. One of these is enough to satisfy your craving for sweet foods after a solid meat dish.

11. Honeydew melon

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Carbs: 9.09
 -sugars: 8.12
 -dietary fiber: 0.8
net carbs: 8.29

Just like most other melons, these can be very big when you buy them. Remember that the more you eat, the more sugar you get.

12. Papaya

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Carbs: 10.82
 -sugars: 7.82
 -dietary fiber: 1.7
net carbs: 9.12

Another wonderful fruit makes it into this list. Can you imagine this incredibly sweet and tasty fruit has so few carbs compared to a bland, tasteless carb bomb like noodles?

13. Orange

Image courtesy of satit_srihin /

Carbs: 11.75
 -sugars: 9.35
 -dietary fiber: 2.4
net carbs: 9.35

This fruit's carbs are only made up of simple sugar and dietary fiber. Oranges just barely make it into the top 13 list of fruits with less than 10% carbs because of the fiber. You just have to acknowledge that the lovely taste of orange juice comes at a price. My piece of advice: Don't drink an entire glass of orange juice. Instead, dissolve a vitamin pill in water and add the juice of half an orange that you squeeze yourself. The final result will be wonderful, healthy and especially fresh when used with ice cubes. Therefore, oranges are best used for drinks, as long as you know how to keep the sugar low.


Even strict followers of a low carb diet who like to demonize fruits have to acknowledge that some fruits are actually very tempting. People who don't want to leave out fruits in their diet completely can choose each of these fruits for different purposes. Some as dessert, some for juice, and others even for protein shakes.

There is one thing we always need to remember: It's the amount of carbs we eat that makes a big difference in a diet. One fruit alone does not ruin any diet. A whole plate of fruits, well... that's a different story. Be aware of what you eat, then you don't need to feel bad if you like to eat some fruits every now and then.
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