Carbohydrate Addiction - How To Stop Hunger Cravings

I have written tons of articles about sugar, carbs and the addiction connected to them. In this post, I would like to bring together all the important aspects and pieces of information that I have collected and present them to you so you can access them easily.

How to control food cravings

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You have a carb addiction, and you want to learn how to stop craving food? This is where we start. There are two basic tutorials we are going to use. One of them is the one you are reading right now. It teaches you how to deal with the various cravings that are sometimes related to sugars themselves, other times related to tasty fast food.

The other tutorial I suggest you follow goes into a similar direction, but is more focussed on the practical aspect of actually banning the bad foods from your table and replacing them with better foods that you don't develop an addiction for. It's called How To Eliminate Carbs.

Now let's start with the collection of craving-related articles. Additionally, I will show you how to maneuver yourself through the topics.

Hunger, appetite, craving - The different types of food addictions

We need to identify your problem first. As explained in The Difference Between Hunger And Cravings, there are several ways in which you can feel a longing for food. When you are trying to lose weight, it is very unlikely that you suffer from genuine hunger, although that is possible. Let's look at how the different sensations occur:


The painful feeling you get when your stomach is really empty. From a chemical point of view, it is also thinkable that your stomach is very used to processing food, and when there is no food even for just 4 hours, that's already a reason for a spoilt stomach (spoilt as in "spoilt child") to protest.

Think of hunger as the ultimate suffering, the way many Africans suffer, and don't mix it up with various cravings. It is also possible that you feel genuinely hungry after fasting or starving yourself. Be careful and don't overdo it.

Appetite / Craving

This is very common for people who are overweight. They are not actually in need of food, they are just strongly longing for it. Different cravings exist:

  • Craving for sugar - simply wanting to eat something sweet
  • Craving for tasty foods - fast food, meat, tasty foods that may even be healthy

How to differentiate between them

What you need to do is simply look at your state of mind. What do you want to eat? Why does it become a problem? As mentioned before, sometimes it's just that your body is too used to eating very often, sometimes you just love the tast of artificial enhancers (present in fast food) and a lot of times, it's the pure sugar that keeps you wanting more.

So here are the things you need to consider:

Cravings for fast food and energy-related cravings

One or more of the following statements is/are true:

  • You can't enjoy so-called "healthy" foods because they all seem bland
  • You are thinking about fast food all the time
  • You often eat in public places like restaurants and snack bars
  • Even advertisements for the latest burger already give you physical reactions like stomach growling
  • You suddenly break off your dieting efforts because you can't take it any more and engage in a binge

Choose the articles that appeal to you:

How To Stop Eating Junk Food
Overcoming Binge Eating
How To Lose Weight After A Binge

Cravings for sugar, chocolate and sweet foods in general

Does one of the following points describe your problem?

  • You feel extremely weak at times
  • You get shaky hands
  • You seem to have no choice over what you eat, when you eat or even what you buy
  • Your body always seems to defeat your mind
  • Most of the time, it's sweet foods you depend on

Then check out these blog posts:

Overcoming Sugar Addiction
Extreme Sugar Cravings
Weaning Off Sugar

Strong appetite at night

You need to eat in the middle of the night and there is no stopping you? Read this:

How To Stop Eating At Night

What else should I do?

Follow the previously mentioned guideline on How To Eliminate Carbs first. When you have internalized the information there, go on with either A Smooth Transition Into A Low Carb Or No Carb Diet or go straight for the real deal, which is The Low Carb Diet In 6 Easy Steps.

On top of that: Comment, bookmark, come back and share your success! From now on, it's the knowledge that keeps you losing weight, not counting calories or suffering from hunger.

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