Celebrity Crash Diets

Celebrities are our idols in many ways. They are our heroes and heroines, they look fabulous, they are rich, famous and get a lot of attention that we would die for. When it comes to losing weight, these people seem to know what it takes: They lose weight just by snapping their fingers, it seems. Whether it's because they are preparing for a new role, or just because they had a baby, it does not matter: A few weeks later, they will look completely different.

Here is a list of celebrities who lost weight with radical crash diets. The list explain what they ate, how they lost weight, what the methods and principles behind the weight loss were and how healthy or risky the weight loss was.

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Megan Fox (actress)

Megan spend one and a half years only eating raw fruits and vegetables, and didn't eat any bread, coffee or sugar. This may sound radical for people who can't live without a toast or a croissaint each morning for breakfast, but when you look at it, this is just an ordinary low carb diet that can easily work for one and a half years. My guess is that a lot of protein was probably also eaten, but she didn't mention it in detail.

Diet type: Low carb
Health attribute: Healthy

Hillary Duff (singer)

This young lady ate mainly grilled chicken with steamed vegetables, although I'm pretty sure that she also ate some other meat every once in a while. It is not known what kind of vegetables she ate, or how many carbs they contained. What we do know is that this is yet another low carb or perhaps even no carb approach.

Diet type: Low carb / no carb
Health attribute: Healthy

Christian Bale (actor)

Getting ready for his role in "The Machinist", Christian Bale lost so much weight that doctors had to stop him from losing more weight. He was so underweight that people became increasingly concerned about his health. It's even more astonishing that he gained his weight back after filming, mainly due to muscle-building, and went on to star in "Batman Begins", a movie that requires a muscular actor. What did Christian Bale eat when losing weight? He ate one apple and one can of tuna each day. Bon app├ętit

Diet type: Extreme intermittent fasting
Health attribute: Dangerous

Michael Fassbender (actor)

This German-Irish actor also had to get in shape for a role that required him to be underweight. He chose completely different foods compared to Christian Bale. His diet consisted of berries and nuts, and he made sure only to eat foods that amount to 500 calories. It's interesting to note that he counted calories while still eating nuts, which consist of fats that usually have a high amount of calories. This shows us that well-informed people don't just look at the amount of calories a food has, but also what useful ingredients (berries: vitamins, nuts: healthy fats) these foods have. I don't recommend this diet, but at least the foods used were much better than fast food. On top of that, it is very likely that Mr Fassbender got more vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fats this way than the average stereotypical American who spends most of his time at McDonald's.

Diet type: Heavy calorie restriction
Health attribute: Unbalanced

Charlize Theron (actress)

The South African beauty explained that her diet consists of not eating starchy foods, not having dinner, no food after 5 o'clock in the evening, no alcohol and lots of exercising. This is not just any random crash diet, it's a whole diet regimen that incorporates many aspects of a working diet. I am actually a little surprised at how accurate, yet simple this method is. Although this diet focusses more on what to avoid than what to do, some things mentioned there should really be read over and over again.

Diet type: Low carb, dinner skipping, losing weight in your sleep, alcohol restriction, exercising
Health attribute: Absolutely recommendable!

Matt Damon (actor)

His diet: Egg whites, chicken breast, one baked potato a day, a lot of coffee, and many, many cigarettes! This really is a crash diet, but not always in a healthy way. What Matt Damon does here is to make a very simple diet plan, yet at the same time he eats a very starchy food (the potato), and then also gives himself a substitute addiction (smoking) to avoid cravings and appetite. He would have done better cutting out the carbs from the potatoes and skipping the cigarettes altogether! Maybe he should take lessons somewhere... I suggest talking to Mrs Theron. One thing he does that has not yet been mentioned is to speed up his metabolism. It is in fact possible to burn extra energy by drinking a lot of coffee. You will become very active and spend more time doing things instead of lying on the couch.

Diet type: High protein, calorie restriction, raising metabolism, swapping addictions
Health attribute: Unhealthy as a whole, partially noteworthy

Natalie Portman (actress)

Getting ready for "Black Swan", Natalie Portman had little time to think of a complicated diet. Her plan: Eating 1200 calories a day and exercising 5 to 8 hours daily. I'm sure that you can't eat much more than 1200 calories when you are constantly busy with something. Her exercising consisted of different activities, but mostly, ballet. This comes as no surprise for those who have seen the movie.

Diet type: Exercising, calorie restriction
Health attribute: Healthy, harmless, although not optimal (just counting calories)

Beyonce (singer)

Famous singer and part-time actress Beyonce once went for a liquid diet that consisted of maple syrup, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and water. I don't know how it's even possible to keep doing this for several weeks, but okay, looks like it worked for her. I think she could have had an easier time losing weight if she had gotten help from one of the other people in this list, but oh well, now it's too late.

Diet type: Restricted liquid diet weight loss
Health attribute: Dubious

The bottom line

We should not forget several things about celebrities and their crash diets: They need to lose weight on a professional level because how they look has a strong impact on their work. They also have professional trainers and advisers that they can summon 24/7, and they are not always interested in losing weight the healthy way - considering they are usually rich and involved in a decadent lifestyle. This does, of course, not go for all celebs on this list. 

Maybe you noticed one very common thing throughout this list, and it goes for several people who lost weight the healthy or unhealthy way. Many of them get the basic idea that it's not just about cutting fats, but also about getting rid of sugars. I did never see any cakes, chocolate or other sweet foods in this list. Instead, there were lots of vegetables, meat, and sometimes fruits and nuts. If you just say "period" after this, you have already made it half way through a good diet.

Just because some diets are called "crash diets" does not mean that they are especially risky or dangerous. Granted, the weight loss can occur at an astonishing rate, but who says this is a problem? Isn't overweight the bigger risk, thinking of heart diseases and diabetes?

If you take what the celebrities left behind after their weight loss attempts, there is a lot to learn from them. Remove all that is unhealthy and you are left with a very basic principle that works for everyone: The Low Carb Lifestyle.
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