How Does Fat Leave The Body?

The usual biological process goes like this: You eat, your body converts the food into energy to be burned, and if you ate too much, your body will gratefully store away excess food as fat. Whatever is not useful leaves the body when you visit the bathroom.

How does fat exit your system when you reduce your weight?

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Let's say that you managed to change your food intake in a way that you either simply burn more calories than you get into your body through eating, or you've decided to no longer eat carbohydrates so that you will finally burn fat.

Now you're wondering how fat leaves your body. The answer is quite simple. Every energy source, such as fat, carbohydrates or even proteins, is made up of these calories mentioned earlier, that you already know.

Calory comes from the Latin word calor, which means warmth. Did it ever cross your mind how much energy it must cost your body to keep itself warm day and night, through summer and winter? That alone requires a lot of warmth to be produced. And when you engage in sports, realise how your body heats up from all the muscle movement.

Even the processes in your body that you don't notice, like digestion or detox, always produce warmth because that's the result of calories being burned. Your body is an oven. Even the process of thinking can create heat (you know this when your head is smoking after trying to learn something for school).

So fat from your body does not get digested, it gets burned! And when you don't give your body enough calories to burn from food, these calories have to come from your body!

And how can I speed up this process?

If you want to lose weight, there are different ways, some of which are surprisingly more effective than others. For example, physical exercise is not as good as you think.

Here are some possibilities you can try out besides exercising:

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