How To Debloat Fast - Foods That Debloat And Tips

A swollen stomach caused by intestinal gas can be very painful and uncomfortable. The excessive gas in the abdomen can lead to flatulence, which then presses against your inner organs. That's the discomfort you feel.

I'm going to give you quick remedies and cures for this problem so that you will feel better as soon as possible (I know every minute can be troublesome). On top of that, I will also be talking about bloating in terms of overeating as a side subject (for those who feel too stuffed from food).

For your better understanding, these are the points that will be covered today:

  • First aid tips
  • Why is my stomach bloated?
  • How to stop stomach bloating
  • Foods that debloat with lasting effects (also for people who stuffed themselves)
  • How to prepare for next time

1. First aid tips

Abdominal distension can best be cured by medication (more about this later), but I'm guessing you don't have medication with you right now and urgently need help. So let's look at what other options we have. They may not be as fast as medicine, but at least they will ease your pain.

If you have any laxatives or things that might serve as laxatives, this is your chance. Some examples are magnesium pills or chewing gum. When it comes to chewing gum though, try not to swallow additional air. Chew slowly and a laxative effect will come into play. Read more on How To Empty Your Stomach Fast.

Other than that, try to reduce flatulence by preparing a mild tea. Drinking tea will help, even more than water. You can even add herbs and spices into the tea, like caraway, fennel, sage or others, whatever you have that smells good and comforting.

Another good trick that works not always but sometimes: If you get the feeling that you can let the gas out sometimes, then you can speed up this process by bending your body. Try to bend over (like bowing) completely, than stand up straight, sit down, lie down if you can, bend over again, and keep repeating this if you get the feeling that your gasses move through the digestive pathway.

If you are at home right now, maybe you can get a hot-water bottle or hot-water bag to apply warmth to your abdomen and stomach. This will also get things going in the digestion department in order to reduce flatulence.

Untighten your clothes: Some people wear jeans with a belt or other tight clothes. If you can, try to loosen them a little, this will often make some kind of difference.

If you follow all of these tips, at least some of them should come into effect.

2. Why is my stomach bloated?

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Different reasons are thinkable. I even noticed that a swollen abdomen and intestinal gas can be caused by eating the wrong foods at the wrong time, although they usually didn't cause me any problems. I don't know about you, but there are actually some foods I can't take well for breakfast. Hours later, eating the same foods poses no threat to me.

This goes especially for dairy products and certain bread types. It's my personal observation that I couldn't handle eating buns or drinking milk (or both) after getting up from bed. So I either skipped breakfast altogether, or ate something completely different.

Most of the time, bloating is caused by what you eat and drink. Here are some common causes for a bloated stomachs and swellings:

  • Drinking carbonated beverages
  • Eating beans and lentils too much
  • Certain vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, apricots and various sprouts
  • Eating too fast and chewing too little
  • Eating some vegetables raw (usually not a bad thing)

You can basically trace back the stomach swelling to its origin simply by remembering what you last did. Sometimes it happens over night, like eating in the middle of the night and going to sleep very quickly, other times it's the very last meal you ate, or something unusual you did that had to do with drinking or eating. If gas problems don't occur very frequently, it means you did something differently from what you usually do.

3. How to stop stomach bloating

If abdominal distension happens frequently, you should change your habits. If it only happens once in a while, it's enough to avoid risks and buy some medicine to be prepared for emergencies. Here are things you can do to decrease the risk of having a bloated stomach and abdomen:

  • Be careful with artificially sweetened foods: Some foods that have sugar substitutes will cause chemical reactions that lead to bloating.
  • If you don't eat beens, lentils and other legumes often, try to get used to them slowly over time, and also chew them enough before you swallow.
  • Eat smaller portions - having less food in your stomach at a time will lead to less traffic jam in your digestive system.
  • Get to know your body - you won't come across many hidden secrets like my "can't eat buns with milk in the morning" problem because everyone is different. Many individual situations can upset your stomach, so find out what happens in your case.

4. Foods that debloat with lasting effects

Let's look at some foods that are not only safe for people who don't want to have abdominal distension, but that also reverse the process, both in the short run and long term.

Water melon:

There are several types of water melons, and the good thing about them is that they also belong into the group of Fruits Low In Carbs, which makes them great for dieting. Melons contain mostly liquids and help in terms of water retention. You can even eat the seeds, they act as fibers and will improve your digestion.

Flax seeds and other seeds:

You can add seeds to your diet. They go well as a topping for salads, for instance. You could even mix them into a protein shake. Try seeds that are rather small, to make sure that they serve only as fibers and not as additional gas agents.

Lemon juice and water:

Lemon juice is a healthy food with one thousand or more (heck, I don't know!) surefire ways to boost your health. It also has mild laxative functions. Drink it together with water in order to not damage your teeth with acid. Water is very important, even though your first instinct might be to skip it. The thing is: Flushing your stomach with water will push the unpleasant gas forward, or backward... either way, gas will come out of your body somehow.

Green vegetables, cooked:

Not only green vegetables, but mostly. Some useful vegetables include cucumber, celery and parsley. Eat them mostly in cooked or steamed state. This is counterintuitive for people who like to eat healthy, but this method here is designed for people who want to make sure that bloatings are reduced. You may try raw food again once you feel better.

Spices and herbs:

There are many herbs and spices. You could go all experimantal on them and see how chili chases the bloating out of your body. But on the other hand, it's wise not to cause more upsets of your stomach. So go with mild versions of spices that are known throughout the world for their digestive properties. Turmeric, cumin, rosemary, ginger. This is also a great chance to discover oriental foods. Try Indian food! It doesn't need to be hot. Some of the best Indian dishes are creamy and mild. You would be surprised.


As opposed to milk, yoghurt is easier to digest and calms down your stomach. You can try probiotic yoghurt if you think it works for you. Yoghurt also has a laxative function since it's very fluid and can pass through the digestive tract rather quickly. It will catch up with the bloating substances, cover them, mingle with them and make them harmless.

5. How to prepare for next time

A gassy stomach followed by stomach swelling can happen again anytime. Even if you pay attention to what you eat, you may not be able to prevent a swollen abdomen and stomach cramps all the time. It is therefore important that you reduce the risk of suffering from the pain of severe and extreme bloating.

If you remember what it feels like in the very moment when you feel bloated, you will acknowledge that it's a very unpleasant situation. You would feel very lucky to have medication around. That's why I recommend you arm yourself now in order to not regret it later. You can prevent intense pain and stomach cramps by restocking yourself on little helpers.

I always recommend buying from Amazon, because it's a trustworthy place where most of my readers are registered anyway, and you can always read reviews from other people on how the product worked for them. Below is a debloating medicine with hundreds of positive reviews that I picked because it was reviewed often enough to get a good idea of it. Read the reviews for yourself and decide whether this might be something for you. And stay healthy!

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