How To Eliminate Carbs - 9 Tips Tutorial

Eliminating carbs from a diet is pretty simple, you only need to know which foods are okay and then follow through with a meal plan. On top of that, we need to make sure that no cravings occur.

This guide contains my best tips related to the topic, all combined in this article. First off, your carb intake needs to be decreased. Here are some tips on how to do this:

1. Eat foods with zero carbs

There are two basic types of food worth mentioning here: Foods that already have zero carbs, and foods that have so few carbs that either the small amount used or the preparation time in the kitchen will result in you not eating carbs at all effectively.

Foods with zero carbs usually include meat, fish and other high protein foods. For more, read my post that specifically covers Foods With Zero Carbs.

2. Deal with psychological addiction

If eliminating carbohydrates from your diet was easily said and done, you could stop right here and just buy the right foods. But it usually doesn't work that way because your stomach and brain are going against you, making you think you need sugars and carbs.

To reduce your appetite, kill cravings and come to terms with hunger, there are two basic guidelines. One is for starchy foods that you long for, others is for sugar foods that make your blood sugar level go crazy. Read these guidelines I prepared for you:

Dealing With Carbohydrate Addiction

Once that is out of the way, we can focus on some more things to do.

3. Treat water as if it was a snack

Water is holy in a diet. It is the world's only food source that comes at no energetic price. It goes in, requires your body to work with it, and goes out. If it's cold water, it even costs you calories.

Even though it sounds stupid at first, think of water as a snack. Sure, it tastes like nothing, but you should drink it every once in a while. If you wait until you are thirsty, or if you are just too lazy to get yourself a glass, you are wasting precious time. Eliminating carbs also means to get healthy, and water is good because it keeps the blood sugar level steady and your stomach filled. Important factors in order to reduce carbs in your diet.

4. Discover low carb side dishes and ban high carb side dishes

Whether you want to completely go no carb or just reduce carbs to a minimum, it is wise to know some low carb side dishes to eat in case you really want a proper meal to enjoy. You are most likely not going from a "normal" eater to a no carb person over night. So learn about some low carb side dishes that you can add to your no carb fish or meat.

8 Low Carb Side Dishes

All of them are so low carb that you will be able to enjoy them regularly.

The dark side of side dishes should also be addressed. Learn about High Carb Foods To Avoid.

5.  Learn about some amazing no carb meals

Next up, it's time to bring you meals that have no carbs, but not just plain meat or fish, actually you are getting real meals including spices and some amazing flavor.

My Favorite No Carb Meals

The next topic on the list will also feature some of them, but more.

6. How about specific no carb breakfast?

Some people don't like to have roast beef for breakfast because it doesn't feel like breakfast at all. Here are 5 Morning Meals that you can try. If you have more ideas on how a no carb breakfast could look like, leave a comment!

7. Soups are great foods without carbs

When thinking about meals that have zero carbs, many people don't even come up with the most obvious idea: A soup. Sadly, the internet does not offer a lot of advice on soups that are free of carbs, they only tell you about low carb soups. Until now, that is: These No Carb Soups will add another variation to your daily dieting plan.

8. Get some good protein powder

A protein shake is always a good alternative for an ordinary meal. A really good powder has so few carbs in a whole package that the few spoons you use per shake don't even add up to a single carb. It's the perfect start of the day if you need to go to work fast.

It's best to read reviews on Amazon and then buy a trustworthy protein powder: "Where To Buy Protein Powder" shows you what to look for.

9. Make these protein shakes taste even better

Knowing that a protein shake is one of the best ways to get carbs out of your diet, it helps if you also know how to make protein shakes taste better and to make them more versatile. You don't want to drink the same shake every day, let alone several times a day. Check out "How To Make Protein Shakes Taste Better" for some ideas on this.

What else?

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Dieting without carbs is the way to go. It doesn't just help you reduce weight. It will make you a healthier person in general, and risks for cancer, heart diseases and diabetes will be minimized. Don't stop here: Bookmark this blog, keep reading and leave a comment if you like. There is so much more to discover. Have a good time with your new meals!
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