How To Empty Your Stomach Fast - 5 Tricks

You want to make your stomach flat because it's too bloated right now? Or you just want to look a little thinner very quickly because you are going out on a date?

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It doesn't matter why you ask. There are some tricks you can use. This is not exactly a weight loss tip, but if you want to make your tummy look flat right now, here is the information.

1. Magnesium

This is the key information right from the start and the best information I can give you on this! Magnesium has an astonishing effect. It is not only the most natural laxative in the world, it also has several important functions for your body, especially for weight loss and to calm you down (it works for your nerves).

Apart from that, magnesium is good for endurance and so many other things. How do you use magnesium to empty your stomach? Get magnesium pills that dissolve in water, they can be found in super markets, groceries and the like. Drink water with one or even two of these pills. Within the next 30 minutes, perhaps even 10 or 5 minutes, you will feel the strong urge to go to the bathroom.

How else you can use this trick?
Use one pill before you go to bed, it will make you have to go to the bathroom in the morning, so your stomach is at its flattest when you go out and meet people in the morning.

2. Water

Water flushes through your body like a tsunami and takes everything with it that crosses its path. It works well with laxatives like the previously mentioned magnesium. Drink water at night to get rid of any bloating food or gas the next morning. It's not as instant as magnesium, but a good general piece of advice you should consider.

3. Chewing gum

This one is also a type of laxative, and more common. Maybe you are reading this on a weekend and don't have a chance to buy magnesium right now, but you have chewing gum. Chew on it for a while, and if you like, try a couple of them within a few hours.

Chewing gums are good because they reduce craving. If you have eaten your lunch and now crave for sugars, just get a chewing gum and you won't be thinking about food any more. The laxative effect is very mild so this helps for debloating when you don't want to go to the restroom immediately.

4. Ginger, turmeric and other exotic spices

Ginger has debloating and laxative attributes and is a natural spice at the same time. You could make ice tea with it or use it in exotic food. As opposed to other items in this list, this is actually the first one that you can directly add into the meal of your choice. The same goes for other spices like turmeric, also known as kurkuma. Check out my post about spices for more knowledge.

5. Fast immediately

You can empty your stomach by not eating, which sounds simple but is often overlooked. If your stomach has less substance to deal with, it can at least concentrate on the food that's already there. Additional water, as mentioned before, helps. This is good if you have overeaten and still have a couple of hours to go. Depending on how fast you need to empty your stomach, you can decide to use magnesium or leave it that way.

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