How To Get Rid Of Love Handles

Women and men of all ages sometimes have to deal with excess fat around the waist and they want to get rid of that fast.

The term love handles has become quite popular to describe what occurs not only after holidays like Easter or Thanksgiving when we've eaten too much, but also in general when we notice that we have a little too much weight around the waist.

I don't know why you have love handles, whether it's because of the tasty holiday meal you've had with your family or because you've always been like this. What I do know is that you can get rid of that weight really fast. And I am going to show you how.

What you need to know before we start

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You may have come across (or will still come across) other websites out there. I know that I'm not the only one writing about this problem. But I want to give you some advice so that you don't waste your time and effort.

And while I do so, I can not only save you time but I also have good news for you. The good news has to do with exercising.

And this is where I want to talk about other people and their advice on the internet. They often give you instructions on how to target a specific area of your body with exercises, or they tell you that effort alone will make all this fat go away.

Some facts about exercising you didn't know

1. Exercising is just optional

You may exercise if you want to, and it can help reduce some extra weight, but it's just optional. That's the good news right there. Moreover, exercising always goes on top of other means of losing weight. You are going to understand soon why this is the case.

2. Exercising alone does not help at all

Here comes the big surprise. Many people, often fed by smattering from other websites, believe that "effort equals success". In other words, if you exercise until you drop dead, there must be some sort of success.

Although there is a tiny piece of truth in this, we need to think about efficiency here. What is all this exercising good for if you waste 90 per cent of the potential success because you didn't know how nutrition affects your results from physical activity? Would you rather run blindly into exercising or become aware of the factors of success before you lift a single finger?

Don't worry, though. Even I made the mistake of running my butt off on a treadmill, only to later realise that I made mistakes that meant I could have exercised half as much with better results. At least you are here now and can learn from my mistakes.

3. Forget about target areas for weight loss

You may have read that you can target specific parts of your body to lose fat there. Well, this is not entirely true. What is true is that you can build muscle tissue so that the area looks different, more athletic. What you can't do is look chubby in general but have a really nice butt, or waist. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. There are no people out there who only look perfect in one specific area of their body but the rest is overweight.

4. Exercising burns additional fat

When you exercise, you are able to burn additional fat. But pay attention to the word additional. What I'm implying here is that burning fat from exercising only works on top of a fat burning process that's already active. We are going to focus on this now so that you get a really good idea of what's going on.

Burning fat begins with a change in eating habits

If you want to burn fat, you most probably have to change something about your dieting habits. There are a couple of people out there who, by accident, already have a good dieting plan without knowing. This may be the case for people who go jogging before breakfast, or who don't like to eat at work, or who eat natural foods and just don't like noodles, fries and the like.

These few people can already lose weight from exercising without being aware that they completed the most important step beforehand - having eating habits that stimulate weight loss. So, these people are an example of how it's possible to burn fat with exercising. But there comes the crucial part: A lot of chubby or even obese people can be seen in fitness centers or outside jogging without any success. And the reason is that these people only learned that the harder you try, the more successful you will be. They don't know that there is a shortcut.

The first step is to induce fat burning as a biological process

If you want to lose love handles, either by exercising or without exercising, you first have to give your body specific instructions! You have to tell your body: "We are going to lose weight now!".

This does not work by simple walking out to go jogging. I will tell you why.

If you eat like a normal person, which means that you often eat bread, noodles, rice, potatoes, fries and sometimes chocolate, your body willl primarily use sugar as an energy source. Sugar comes from carbohydrates, also called carbs. Not only do the above mentioned foods contain carbs in large amounts, your body can store those carbs without even transforming them into fat. So there is always a sufficient reserve of carbs available.

Then, to make matters worse, exercising while eating normal food leads to you being hungry. But because you are trying to lose weight, you don't eat a chocolate bar after exercising. No! You eat a banana, thinking that it's a healthy snack. This is where you fall into a trap door. A banana also contains sugars, and you want to lose fat, not sugars! So why would you refill the sugar tank right after exercising?!

So what do you do? Break that circle and do something different before you even think about exercising!

"Low Carb" is the key

We have established that your body has carbs on reserve even if you don't have anything sweet available, meaning that you burn sugars while exercising in between meals. So there is not a single point in time when your body relies only on burning fat.

What we must do now is cut off the supply of sugars drastically. You can either do this by going straight into a No Carb Diet, or by reducing sugars at least to a level where exercising will benefit you. But this does not even mean that you have to exercise. The diet alone will do the trick, and exercising can benefit you even more if you want to make the fat go away quickly.

So you can do a no carb diet, or you can apply a low carb diet. Low carb is an easier diet than no carb. Basically, what you have to do is find a way not to eat bread, noodles, rice, potatoes and fries. And anything else that contains high amounts of starch or sugar. If you want to read more about it, check out these posts:

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The basic principles in a nutshell

 Just to give you a really quick idea of what you have to eat, let's look at how you can make a low carb diet work in general:

  • Consume lots of protein from sources like meat, fish, eggs or vegetables
  • Only eat about every 4 or 5 hours
  • Forbid yourself any food that has high amounts of carbs
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Eat what is healthy and natural

By following these basic guidelines, and reading more about them in detail on my blog, you will soon begin to lose weight.

When does exercising come into play?

Exercising can be started at any point you like, but there are some things worth considering. One thing is, as the radical change into a low carb diet can leave you very tired, it's best if you just relax in the first few days or weeks. If you want to be active, going out for a walk is absolutely enough.

Then, you have the option of exercising within the first month of your diet, or waiting even longer. You actually never have to exercise at all, because the diet takes care of itself. My brother and I lost countless pounds that way.

However, if you are in a hurry, you can exercise. As soon as the fuel tank for carbs in your body is depleted, your body has no choice but to get energy from other sources in the body. Your body can either burn muscle tissue (which would be bad) or fat. In order to prevent too much loss from muscle tissues, you eat a lot of protein or drink protein shakes.

The full effectiveness, the level where exercising has the best effect on your weight loss, only comes after several weeks or months, as your body has to develop new enzymes that are specialized for weight loss from burning fat. Up to that point, the road may still be a little bumpy, but as I said, exercising is only an expression of your diligence to lose weight and not obligatory.

How much weight can I lose?

Even without exercising, the first week can be quite successful. I have noticed this several times when I started this diet after not having been on a diet for a while. Usually, more than 2 kilos in one week (more than 4 pounds) were totally normal for me, being someone who is only slightly overweight.

You need to know that losing weight is not a process you can calculate, though. The initial success can be quite high, but then the results normalize and you lose a little less the following week. However, I firmly believe that a low carb diet is much more effective than counting calories, going for a low fat diet or counting points at weight watchers. I mean, why would you go with second best if you can just have the maximum success?

If you want to know more, check How Much Weight Can I Lose In X Days, Weeks etc.

The bottom line

Before you go off browsing other websites on how to get rid of love handles, I hope you will remember that just doing some exercises won't help. In fact, the easier way is to change your eating habits, which won't make you sweat so much. Sometimes, just sometimes, not the effort you put into something brings you the most success, but knowing the right steps is better. You now know what is important, and to go more into detail, you can read my other posts on this blog.

Have a good time losing weight, and if you need any help, drop me a comment!

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