How To Make Protein Shakes Taste Better - 9 Ways

Making protein shakes taste good is quite simple. I am going to show you tips and tricks for the best tasting and most delicious meal replacement drinks. Both men and women will be able to find something here for their individual preferences. Here we go:

Ways to make protein powder taste better

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1. Buy a good protein powder

This may sound simple, but you should consider this. Not only should a protein powder be low carb, it should also dissolve well in water. The best way to find out how good a protein shake tastes, how it dissolves and how the remaining properties are is to read a lot of reviews. This is why I often check Amazon for powders that have a high number of (really positive) reviews. Check more on my article called Where To Buy Protein Powder.

2. Milk - yes or no?

No big guessing game is necessary to tell that milk makes a meal replacement shake taste a lot better. The only question is: Do you want milk? Two reasons might be in the way: You can't take milk very well (lactose intolerance), or you don't like the carbs. When you are on a No Carb Diet, and you want to stick to the rules, avoid milk and go for other options. If you are on a Low Carb Diet instead, you can allow yourself to add some milk up to the point where even the whole glass is full. It depends on how you feel about it. Remember: It's a meal replacement after all, so it may as well taste nice.

3. Temperature

You can experiment a little here. Ice cold milk with protein powder is a no brainer, I think. It tastes delicious. But even cold water with powder tastes better than water at room temperature for most people. You can even try making your shake moderately hot or warm. It's worth a try. If it doesn't work for you at all, at least you gave it a shot.

4. The taste of tea and coffee

Let's say you have some tea left that you didn't drink, don't just waste it. You could try using it for your shake and see how it tastes. Ginger tea, green tea and other kinds of tea may well be suitable for a meal replacement shake. Again, experiment with temperature. It's worth trying ice tea you made yourself.

Also a good idea: Coffee. It tastes quite well and can be mixed with some of the other ingredients mentioned here.

5. Cinnamon

Making protein shakes taste better is easily done with cinnamon. Add less than a teaspoon and it will taste almost like a chocolate drink. Besides, this ingredient will reduce insulin resistance over time and further slow down your appetite. Always keep a small jar of cinnamon nearby.

6. Cocoa powder

I'm not talking about chocolate powder here the way you know it. Not the colorful packages with smiling cartoon faces on them. I'm talking about pure, low-carb cocoa powder. Check the ingredients. If you add a teaspoon of it, you have a very good alternative that tastes just like chocolate. Now you can decide whether to make it hot or cold.

7. Fruits and vegetables

You can turn your shake into a smoothie. It all depends on the fruits you want to use. And behold: There are even low carb options here! I found 13 fruits with less than 10% carbs. Some of them, like avocado or various berries, are very suitable for protein shakes. Of course, you can always go for vegetables, too.

8. Change the consistency

Sometimes, you are very preoccupied with getting the right amount of powder into your glass. The glass may not be big enough to for the amount you use. Then you add water, and what you receive is a thick, dripping substance that is hard to suck out of the glass. This sounds exaggerated, I know, but it could turn out to be surprising how much more bearable a drink is when you use more water (or other fluids).

9. Add liquid dairy products

We have already covered fruits, vegetables and additional powders such as cocoa or cinnamon. How about other diary products? You could add yoghurt, soy milk or similar liquids to give your drink a more creamy taste.


When you think about it, there are more ways than one to make the best protein shakes. You now have some ideas you can use. Please note that everything always boils down to one thing: The initial product you use should be good enough.
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