How To Stop Eating Junk Food

The hardest part of a diet is not to give in to cravings, but that is easier said than done. Sometimes, your brain switches off and forces you to go straight to the next grocery or even fast food chain to get something tasty, because you are addicted to junk food.

It's like all the effort to lose weight causes your body to bounce back because of so much frustration and cravings having built up in the past days.

The elemental question is: How to stop craving junk food and free yourself from the addiction of always having to eat something tasty but unhealthy? And how to resist the urge to eat?

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The first step in an addiction to junk food is to realize what's going on and to identify that the biggest danger during any diet is to become tangled up in a web of sugar and flavors. You have completed that step by coming here. You recognized that your addiction to junk food is in the way of losing weight. It is not your will that's not strong enough, it's not your determination that's lacking, and it's not that you are not smart enough to lose weight.

Everything about you is great. It's the junk food that's getting in the way, and logic and common sense alone don't seem to defeat your lust for unhealthy food. Isn't that how it feels? Well, now we finally tackle the problem once and for all.

It's like trying to quit smoking

Do you know what it's like to try to quit smoking? I don't. I'm lucky enough to never have smoked a cigarette. But I know it's easy to get trapped in such a pattern. My addiction was different, it was chocolate. And I think to stop from one second to the next is an incredibly difficult challenge.

What can you do when your body seems to be working against you? What can you do when being hardcore and stopping from one moment to the next only results in more giving in to the bad food?

Let's brain storm some ideas and see how they can help us:

  • You could stop from one minute to the next and make sure you can't buy any junk food (get rid of money)
  • You can get on a different addiction that distracts you from this one
  • You can slowly replace junk food with less unhealthy foods until you reach healthy foods

The first idea sounds alright. Let's say you allow yourself to eat all the junk food you still have at home (kind of like saying "goodbye" to junk food), and after that, you make sure, by any means, that you just can't get a hold of junk food any more. You don't go to any store that sells junk food, you don't go to fast food restaurants, and if necessary, you make sure you can't even have money with you to buy that food.

But still, it sounds a little complicated, and maybe you would have tried something like that already. It doesn't always work.

The second idea sounds a little crazy, but who knows. I noticed that buying a new video game that totally gets my attention makes me forget a lot of things, including hunger and sleep. It's not the most ethical way of changing your habits, but at least it can help. But then again, is this even a long term solution?

The third option, as you can guess, is where I want to take you. It's not a good idea to constantly fight with your body over the needs that you feel. I believe the best way to deal with addictions is to slowly dry them out.

Instead of defeating the addiction, let it fade away into oblivion

You don't need to rush things. Who are we going to impress with this "I can quit from one day to the next" routine? Nobody, I believe. People around you wouldn't even notice weight loss and improved health until months later, and the people who recognize improvements are likely to be people who you don't see much (distant relatives, for example).

So just take your time and find a way to get rid of your addiction. First, we need to know what's even going on with you.

When it comes to not being able to let go of junk food, you need to understand what I described in my other post as The Difference Between Hunger And Cravings.

Even if you feel like you are going to die, it's comforting to know that you are most likely not suffering from genuine hunger, but just from a psychological craving. So what we can do now is reduce your appetite for junk food.

There are several ways, once again. Let's look at them:

  • Fasting to reset your feeling of taste and reduce cravings
  • Going straight into a low carb diet
  • Replacing junk food with less unhealthy foods that serve the addiction

Actually, all of these steps are possible for you and you could pick one. Fasting is almost like quitting instantly, but there is a difference. As I have mentioned in my article about fasting, fasting has psychological benefits for you. You learn to appreciate any type of food, not just the tasty, salty, sweet food. You become humble again. You can start over.

Going straight into a low carb diet is also a good choice. It's not as extreme as fasting, but it allows you to develop a resistance against the sugar craving. When you don't depend on sugar as much as before, you don't want sugar as much as before. I've even reached the point where I stood in front of chocolates in the grocery and felt literally nothing. That was a weird feeling... all this love for chocolate. Just gone! And the same goes for fast food.

If you want to take your time and have the highest chance of success (I encourage you to try this if you have doubts about yourself), then replacing junk food with other foods is a good solution.

It comes down to what kind of junk food you are addicted to. Is it sweet food like chocolate and candy? Then you could eat pineapple, mango or other fruits instead of those. It may sound a little insufficient, knowing that your body always asks for more and more, but if you just allow yourself to enjoy tasty fruits, you might notice that they are really good enough to get rid of the very worst of your craving. At least to the point where your common sense is more in control than your crazy stomach.

If your craving is for foods consisting of a lot of fat and meat taste, like chicken nuggets from fast food restaurants, you could try making these foods at home from scratch. I believe you have a good chance of making a more healthy version of these foods at home. You decide how much fat you use, how you deep fry them, and you can actually see what you are about to eat.

In the long run, try to go further and further away from the addiction. Do it in small increments. If a craving becomes unbearable, it's a sign that you should allow an even slower and smoother transition.

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