Jumping Rope To Lose Weight

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to exercise at home or outside is to buy a simple rope and start rope skipping. The health benefits are obvious and justify this physical activity already. But what about weight loss?

I am going to show you what you need to know. Some of the things I will let you know are must have pieces of information that will prevent you from becoming frustrated. Here is what you are about to read in this post:

  • What are the general benefits of rope jumping?
  • Can I lose weight by jumping rope?
  • What's the difference between jumping rope for nothing at all and losing weight with it?

What are the general benefits of rope jumping?

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I will keep this short because it's common sense and you are interested more in weight loss than fitness right now. Jumping rope is good for your endurance. You need endurance to catch the bus when you're late, to walk long distances, you even need endurance to be a good lover!

Rope jumping really puts your heart to the test. The heart rate goes up very, very much. At the same time, you must develop a sense of rhythm and orientation to jump at the right time. So hand-eye coordination is improved as well as the feeling of time.

Finally, let's not forget that muscle tissue in your legs is built. You can jump higher and more often after exercising with ropes, and the additional muscle certainly helps for long distances of walking, too.

Can I lose weight by jumping rope?

There are two long answers for this questions. One starts with "yes, if...", the other with "no, if...", but let me explain.

Rope skipping is very energy consuming. And that is a really, really good thing. It is more tiring than jogging. As long as something burns a lot of energy, there is also a possibility of burning a lot of fat. And fat is your problem because you want to get rid of it.

Now here comes the important part: Jumping rope can be extremely effective or extremely useless. It all depends on how well your body burns fat.

I will give you an example from real life. From my life! I used to step onto the treadmill and run for what felt like ages. Once I got off, I rewarded myself with a healthy banana and a healthy glass of grape juice. Bananas contain vitamin B and grape juice has flavonoids that are good for your heart. 

So all that I ate was marketed in the media as "healthy". They're healthy, right? Well, kind of... but this food killed my diet!

You see, bananas and grape juice contain sugars, also known as carbohydrates or carbs. Your body has two energy tanks (think of them as alternate fuel tanks in a hybrid car). You always burn carbs first. Your fat is never touched as long as carbs are somewhere in your body, either in the fuel tank or in your blood or in your stomach.

What I essentially did is, I exercised and exercised and just when I had finished jogging, I got all the energy back into my body and lost no fat at all!

If you want to lose weight with rope skipping (or any other exercise) you have to know how physical activities can even have the slightest effect on your weight.

What's the difference between jumping rope for nothing and losing weight with it?

There are two basic principles to losing weight by exercising. One is that weight loss usually occurs if the amount of energy (often named "calories") is lower in terms of eating than in of terms burning. So you burn more energy than you receive. Your body eventually runs into a deficit of energy and has to get body fat from the backup department (your fat cells). It's like running out of food in the fridge, so you need to go to the basement and find cans of stored food.

The other principle is much more sophisticated and effective. The idea is: Don't just think of energy as calories. Think of energy as different types of energy, which they really are: proteins, fats and carbs.

Proteins are a kind of energy, but they are always your friends. They are needed for muscles, enzymes and the immune system, to name a few. You always need proteins in your food!

Fats have a bad reputation, and the reason is that fat makes you unhappy. It's why you don't look as good as you wish you would, and it makes you heavy, too. But fats are not your main enemy. They are relatively harmless.

Carbs. If you want to give your enemy in a diet a name, it's carbs. Carbs are the reason why fat is still stored in your body even if you try so hard to exercise. Only if carbs disappear, fat will eventually disappear.

Remember: There are two fuel tanks. Only if the carbs tank is empty, the fat tank will be accessed as an energy source by your body. Then you can burn fat. Then your every jump reduces fat. This is how you lose weight while jumping ropes!

Now you are probably wondering: "But how does this whole thing with carbs work?"
Well, I can tell you. It's called a low carb diet. Welcome, friend. This is the next step of you finding out how to lose weight. Let "Low Carb" be the leading rule of your weight loss. I am your fellow sufferer and I've lost a lot of weight. 

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