Keeping Blood Sugar Stable - 8 Tips

In order to control your blood sugar level, you can do more than just measure your glucose level. Eat the right foods, know when to eat and apply some extra tips. It can be quite simple. If you are really successful in doing so, you may actually be able to either reduce the risk of developing a diabetes, or even reversing the process. There are people who were diabetic and then turned things around. Diabetes is not a dead end or one way road. Insulin resistance is the key problem that you can solve. Here are 8 tips on how to keep your blood sugar level stable.

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1. Eat low carb

Go on a Low Carb Diet. It is the best way to give your pancreas a break from producing insulin all the time. The little amount of carbs you eat will gladly be received by the body that will then only release very small amounts of the hormone.

You will even be able to reverse a diabetes if you haven't progressed too far into the disease. The only thing you should be careful about is when you are low on sugar. Check your blood sugar level often enough and stay in contact with professionals like your doctor.

2. Consider slow carb

This is especially useful for two scenarios: When your blood sugar level tends to go down and leave you in a weak state, or when you are so used to sugars and starchy foods that the level of sugar in your blood is always unstable and volatile.

Slow carb foods are a good way of changing your lifestyle slowly towards a low carb way of living. Try to go for foods that satisfy your stomach, have very complex, long-term carbs and a good amount of fibers.

3. Eat regularly, but not very often

You want to keep your blood sugar level stable. So why would you not have stable, regular eating intervalls? It makes perfect sense.

Try to eat not too often. If you can, eat every 4 hours only. The idea is that you should not interfere with your blood sugar level and let your body take care of itself. If you then progress towards a low carb / slow carb way of living, your blood sugar level is a calm sea that is never interrupted by storms.

In case you feel very weak, don't wait too long with your meal. It is, after all, about you and your body making this work. Only be sure to understand the difference between a psychological craving and a diabetes-related weakness.

4. Exercise

If your doctor gives his blessings, you may exercise. Studies have shown that physical activities will help to reverse insulin resistance.

Engaging in sports is dependent on how much is okay for you. As a heavy diabetic, maybe one walk a day will suffice. If you are perfectly okay with more, try endurance sports, or join a fitness studio.

5. Drink a lot of water

Water is not only the answer to almost everything when it comes to dieting and a healthy lifestyle, there is also a logical explanation as to why water is good for both diabetics and people who want to take care of their blood sugar level.

The reason is that water dilutes the food in your stomach and the sugar molecules running around your arteries and veins. The more water you have in you, the more everything is mixed. Water gives your blood sugar level extra stability, slows down the release of sugar from foods in your stomach and keeps you safe in times of not having much food around.

6. Nutrients

Some nutrients such as chromium have been examined in studies and shown to work against insulin resistance. You should make sure you always get enough of these nutrients. Sometimes, you can get them from foods, other times it's best to supplement them.

7. Measure your blood sugar level

If you are a diabetic or afraid to become one, be sure to check the glucose level in your blood. I know it's not so pleasant (I once had a disabled patient whom I always had to sting in his fingers to measure his blood), but it gives you good clues on how your pancreas actually works. Keep yourself informed on how stable you are keeping your blood sugar level and get a sense of experience here.

8. Find out more

The internet is a source of endless knowledge. A lot of information can be found out there. One way you could start is to bookmark this blog. I often update it with more information about dieting, especially in regards to a low carb way of life. Also check out: How To Reduce Insulin Resistance.
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