Low Carb Snacks

While on a low carb diet, it's hard enough to constantly come up with new recipes to keep this special diet interesting. We don't want to have to worry about snacks that can be eaten in between, if we don't want to prepare anything, or stuff we just want to bring to work.

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I've come up with a list for you that show you the best low carb snacks to bring to work or eat on your couch with as little preparation time as possible.

I was very strict when compiling this list. The following requirements have to be met in order to appear:

  • Only one ingredient or type of ingredient shall be used
  • A maximum of just one step of preparation
  • Does not go bad when brought to work
  • Must be low carb
  • Must qualify as a meal of its own (one slice of sausage is hardly a meal, is it?)
  • A maximum of one tool required for eating (not fork and knife, for example)

On top of just giving you these ideas, I also name alternatives, so you always have something else to eat that's in the same category. Let's see what we can come up with here...

1. Peanuts

You can already buy them in cans or similar packaging. Try to go with unsalted, unspiced peanuts. They're really straight forward and a good option for in between when you're just too busy.

Preparation: None
Tools: None
Alternative: Mixed nuts

2. Pumpkin Seeds

They are similar to peanuts, but the preparation is different, so I mention them here. The flavor is really aromatic and they are very light and crispy.

Preparation: Baking in the oven
Tools: None
Alternative: Sunflower seeds

3. Cheese Cubes

While they do contain a lot of fat, they also saturate. I only eat about a handful of those and I'm already so full I can't take them any more. Really turns your hunger and appetite down and tastes good while you're hungry.

Preparation: Cut into pieces
Tools: Eat with fork
Alternative: Cheese sandwich made with low carb flour

4. Jerky / Dried Meat

In my post about My Top 5 No Carb Recipes, you can already see that roast beef is a great meal. Jerky or dried meat is a snack version of this meal. It's the same basic idea, but instead of bringing the whole piece of meat to your office, you just bring a lunchbox full of little meat pieces. They are tasty and you can add spices if it's worth the effort. I think it is.

Preparation: Bake in oven
Tools: Eat with fork
Alternative: Salmon carpaccio

5. "One ingredient" salad

It's okay to make a salad consisting of only one ingredient if you're lazy, don't have any other ingredients to add or just want to save time. Green beans can be a good salad, as well as endive salad. It doesn't hurt to add some olive oil and a bunch of herbs, which just takes seconds.

Preparation: Throw into bowl
Tools: Eat with fork or spoon (or knife, if you're really skilled)
Alternative: Ceasar salad, chicken salad

6.  Hard boiled egg

This is the classic from breakfast. You just boil an egg and you're good to go. 

Preparation: Boil an egg until it's hard
Tools: Hit with spoon and scoop
Alternative: Omelette

Any other suggestions?

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I'm sure I've missed some. Use the comments option to let me know what you eat when there isn't much time or when you're just not in the mood to stand in the kitchen.

If your suggestions are really good and are as easy to prepare and take as few tools as the other ones on this list, I'll add your idea to my list.

Now I'm hungry... gotta prepare something quick!
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