Not Eating Carbs For A Week

Not eating carbohydrates for seven days in a row will help you lose weight really fast. The idea behind the principle is that your body will be forced to burn fats as soon as sugars (which carbs essentially are) are no longer to be found.

There are several ways to eat during those seven days. The easiest way to always consume a meal without carbs is to make a protein shake from powder with less than 1% carbs. Mix the shake only with water and not with milk. You can drink such a shake every 4 hours instead of preparing a meal. It is up to you how often you want to prepare meals or just opt for the simple shake.

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If you are looking for ideas on what to eat during a no carb week, check out foods with zero carbs to get a basic knowledge, and then read about my favorite no carb recipes to get specific recipes to implement into your diet.

What else can I do to boost my diet?

First, make sure that you actually follow all the rules of my no carb diet guide. When you have internalized what's written there, these things should be considered:

  • Sleeping well and long (find out why by reading how to lose weight in your sleep)
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Only exercise if you feel not too tired (getting used to this diet takes time)

How much can you lose in one week of not eating carbs?

As I mentioned in my article about how much you can lose, there are many key factors involved in determining how much weight you can lose. The biggest factor is your starting weight. Are you dozens of pounds overweight or almost at an average weight? This plays a big role, as you can imagine.

Apart from that, you can make sure there are not too many variables. Stick to the diet as described, and if you are done with the no-carb-eating week, perhaps you would like to move on to a low carb diet to permanently live a balanced lifestyle.

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