Overcoming Binge Eating

How to control or avoid binge eating is an important question in a diet. Finde the tips and ways to overcome and quit binge eating here.

Prevent yourself from overeating and you already know how to stay disciplined during a diet. Because most people believe that it's a sign of weakness to lose control and eat suddenly. But it's more a symptom of physical and psychological stress.

The basics

Binge eating has different reasons that all have one thing in common: A strong disharmony between a person's will to lose weight and the reaction of the body that seems to want the opposite of the mind.

From my own experience, I like to separate the reasons for binge eating into two categories:

1. Binge eating created by sugar cravings

This is mainly the case if the object of desire is chocolate, candy, cake or anything else that's sweet. If you can't help but eat a lot of sweet food, then a sugar craving is the underlying factor.

To get rid of this problem, I have prepared plenty of material for you to read:
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2. An energy-related craving

If your craving is not based only on sweet foods, read on.

I have noticed that I sometimes don't just go crazy for sweet food, but also for food that's very, very rich in energy. Foods with lots of fat and carbs, like pizza. And it feels as if my body is trying to tell me that I must eat because a famine is going to flagellate me. But I am not going to suffer from hunger! I am just on a diet. So why does this happen?

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Well, the reason this time can be attributed to a much too low energy intake. I usually don't like to talk about calories because they are misleading. Calories from carbs are different from calories that come from fat, or even from protein. But if it helps you get the basic idea, you can imagine that you have been eating too little calories. And now your body is responding with a huge craving.

Now the next problem occurs: If my body is fighting my diet, then how am I supposed to eat fewer calories in order to lose weight, and at the same time NOT run into a craving? Let's find out.

How to lose weight and not have an energy-related craving

I already told you that I don't believe in calorie counting. And now we come to the crucial point where all this makes sense, as you are going to see.

Like I said, different sources of energy have different calories. Foods with a lot of fat usually have a lot of calories. More than most food sources that come mainly from carbs. And protein as a food source also has calories.

What does this tell us about weight loss? Nothing! Why? Because one calorie is not comparable to the other! That's right.

You can't compare calories from fat with calories from carbs because your body does not use energy from every source as effectively as from other sources. Then why do people even talk about calories, you ask? Because it has been that way for centuries and people never bothered to look at the facts. The truth is, your body doesn't make it so simple, it does not only think of food as calories.

Here is what you should know so that fats, carbs and proteins make sense:

  • Carbs are sugars, and they are burned very easily by the body. It takes the least work to transform carbs into energy. Therefore, your body prefers them.
  • Fats are harder to transform into energy. Usually, this only happens to a very small degree, for example when sugars are missing.
  • Proteins are almost never used as energy, with one exception: our own protein (muscles). This energy is used when we starve, and it's the reason why people who don't eat at all during a diet often lose more muscles than fat.

Now let's look at these facts carefully and evaluate them. We know that sugars (carbs) are the easiest to use for the body. Everything else than that would be extra work that your body tries to avoid.

Therefore, fat only comes in second place at best. But we want to lose weight, and when we say that, we don't mean water, we mean fat! So we have to make sure that fat is burned. This means we need to reduce sugars in our food. This is the reason why a low carb diet is the best diet.

Now, what about protein? This is the key part where we talk about cravings! When proteins are missing, this has several grave effects on the body:

  • Your mental state will become worse. You are constantly unhappy with your diet and it feels like you are suffering.
  • Your stomach is hardly ever full. Even vegetables don't seem to last long. It's as if the most important food is constantly missing
  • Muscles are burned because there is nothing to repair them any more, and since no other food is coming in (or too little of it), the body would rather get rid of the muscles now. Why? Because muscles burn energy, and energy in a time of starving must be saved. So your body is getting rid of the engine burning the fat, so it can keep the fat for longer. Makes sense when you think about it.

How to turn things around completely

Have you ever had a low carb protein shake without milk but just with water? I can tell you one thing: Once you have drunk only one glass of it, you will feel totally full within the next 5 minutes. It feels like you have eaten a full Thanksgiving meal.

Another example? Fish. Sometimes when you eat fish, it really, really makes your stomach full, and you don't know why. It's the protein! It sends signals into your brain saying "thank you, that's enough". But only if you haven't stuffed yourself with chocolate until the signal has reached the brain!

So what do you do? You change your diet into something more sensible. Most of the time, any type of craving is a sign that you are fighting with your body over the diet.

Whenever you fight with your body, there is a simple rule: Whoever wins, you lose. Because your body is a part of you, so it doesn't matter whether you (the brain) or you (the body) lose.

Most people who suffer from cravings either consume too little energy (trying to starve yourself until your body defeats you and you binge!), or only drink water, or try to punish themselves for eating badly on a previous day. But dieting is more about forgiving yourself and coming to terms with your past. Leave behind what has made you become overweight and embrace your future self.

So next up is what you need to do. You need to follow basic guidelines and principles in order to lose weight. As you already know, two things are most important: Two eat a lot of protein and to eat as few carbs as possible.

I could now go on and on about the whole thing, but instead, why not let you know where all the information has been put? It's all little pieces of a puzzle you can combine, the more, the better and more complete the overall image gets:

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This will help you. Good luck and leave me a comment if you want to know more! Also don't forget to follow my blog, because new information is coming up all the time.
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