Sensa - What It Is, What It Does, Where To Buy It

Sensa is a dietary product that is supposed to aid weight loss. The product can be used very simply by sprinkling it over your meals, which makes it very easy to use. I noticed that there are a lot of questions about the product, but very little information, so I am going to take a good look at it.

What is Sensa and what does it do?

Sensa comes in two variations: sweet and salty. It consists of little crystals that can be sprinkled over any food you eat, just like salt or sugar. The inventor of the product, Dr. Alan Hirsch, says that Sensa will enhance the taste of food and trick the brain into believing it has had enough to eat.

Many people say that Sensa is not a diet. That is, to some point, true. However, if what Dr. Hirsch says is true, it can at least be considered a calorie-restricted diet, because you supposedly eat less food.

Is Sensa safe and does it have side effects?

According to This article by New Health Guide, the supplement mainly consists of maltodextrin, tricalcium phosphate and some minor ingredients for look and flavor. For most people, these ingredients are safe and unproblematic. However, there are some possible side effects. Please note that side effects are normal for every kind of supplement or medication: Whatever has an effect, also has side effects.

The best thing to do in case of doubt is to ask a doctor, or to just give it a try. The side effects, should they arise, are not dangerous, otherwise the product would not have been approved for sale.

Is Sensa a scam?

One major point is usually brought up when it comes to critisism against the dietary supplement by Dr. Hirsch.

The complaint is that it has not been scientifically proven that the little crystals have an effect. Well, here is my opinion: usually, it takes years of studies, double-blind trials and other experiments to determine exactly what a product does. If you have ever heard about how many years it takes for medications against cancer to be released on the market, then you know what I mean.

I believe that similar things could be said about other products like slim fast or about the weight watchers program. From my point of view, it's not especially scientific to award foods with "points" and tell people to just count these points and the calories. It seems that nobody really pays much attention to proteins, fats and carbohydrates, so people just follow these programs and hope that they work.

I honestly don't know if Sensa works. But I also believe that it matters how you use Sensa. Of course, if you only use it as a supplement and still eat burgers and fries, how is this going to help your diet?

According to, many people are satisfied with Sensa. You can read these reviews (I will give you a link at the end of this article) and make up your mind. Those who are not happy about it are usually two kinds of people:

-Those who are disappointed that it didn't work (probably expecting that you could still eat fries and burgers)
-Those who had side effects (which can happen)

Next up, I would like to tell you how Sensa might work for your diet. Don't think of it as a miracle of its own, but use it in addition with other methods!

How can Sensa become an effective supplement?

Okay, this is important now. As you know, Sensa is supposed to make your brain feel satisfied, as if you've already had enough to eat. Let's say that this is true. Does it mean that you should eat anything you like? No! If you sprinkle it on the wrong food, then of course no supplement will ever help you!

It's not even enough to just count calories. You have to be smart about your diet in order for it to work. My advice: Start A Low Carb Diet!

This will ensure weight loss regardless of supplements. Of course, it does not hurt to get some extra weight loss from Sensa if it works for you, right?

Should you buy Sensa?

This is a question only you can answer yourself. But here are some things you can consider when making your decision:

  • What do people say on Amazon about it and why do they say these things?
  • You can try a one month supply of Sensa to see how it works instead of buying supplies for 3 months
  • If it works for you and you lose weight, that means it's exactly your kind of thing

Where can I buy Sensa?

To buy Sensa online is quite easy. I believe that the best way to buy it is probably from Amazon, because most people already buy books, gifts and other products there. It's very convenient if you already have an account, and if you don't have one, you should probably sign up because sooner or later in your life, you are going to order from Amazon anyway. It also seems that the supplement has been reduced in price, which is already quite nice.

Like I said, the choice is up to you. If you have any experience with it, please leave me a comment!

Here is the link for you to get informed (or if you want to purchase it):

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