The Night Eating Syndrome And How To Not Eat At Night - 6 Tricks

It's the middle of the night, you wake up, and you suddenly feel the urge for some nightly binge eating. We have all been there. But how do you stop eating at night? Here are 6 tips and tricks that can get you through the night.

Tips and tricks against the night eating syndrome

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1. Learn about the science behind your cravings

On many other articles on this blog, I always emphasize on one aspect: That knowledge is more important than willpower, discipline or motivation. It's time you find out why cravings exist in the first place. It may even be the case that different causes are to blame. Find out why you binge eat at night by reading these articles:

To find out an important difference: The Difference Between Hunger And Cravings

To finally end binges: Overcoming Binge Eating

If your addiction is more directed towards fast food: How To Stop Eating Junk Food

If your craving is very much related to sugar: Overcoming Sugar Addiction

2. Use this mental trick to cheat yourself!

Here is a nice trick: As you might already know, talking yourself into eating something healthy instead of eating something you crave for is mostly useless. But there is something you can do instead.

For this trick, I recommend that you use protein powder. Other methods are also possible, but they take longer to prepare and don't work so well. You can read another article on my blog if you don't know Where To Buy Protein Powder.

This is how it goes: You have a strong craving and you most likely already know what you would like to eat. The next thing we need to do is to make you eat something different instead that will totally fill and seal your stomach. But how do we do this when your brain already knows you want a snack instead?

Well, try this: Think of the food you really want to eat right now, then tell yourself: "I am going to eat this right after drinking a protein shake".

Then, prepare yourself a protein shake. It should consist mainly of water (some milk may be okay) and a good amount of protein powder. Make a really big glass of this shake. Drink the protein shake. Then, drink a glass of water after this.

Now, sit down on a couch or sofa and think about your craving. Indulge in the thought of your craving. Imagine how you could easily get it from the fridge and eat it. Enjoy the prospect of doing so, fantasize about it. Some minutes later, the protein and water in your stomach will have given the brain the signal that enough food has already come in and now there is no more need for further food. It sounds pretty easy, and maybe it's not that easy, but with the little willpower you have left to resist, simply tell yourself that the lovely snack won't run away and you can eat it again some other time.

3. Use a different mental trick!

Another trick you can use, especially if you don't have any pure protein sources in your house for trick #2, is to promise yourself lovely food for the next day. Say to yourself: "I am not going to eat this tonight, but tomorrow, I am going to reward myself with my favorite meal.

This meal then does not have to be the object of your craving desire, it may as well be a lunch meal, or a sweet treat you like. Or it's the exact food that you crave for at night. Whatever it may be, postpone the craving to another day. Here comes the important part: Actually do reward yourself the next day!

I know you might now think to yourself: "Well, if I don't feel the craving tomorrow, I can just skip it altogether". But I think you still should keep your own promise. Because if you don't keep your promise, your brain won't allow this trick the next time you have a nightly craving. What you can do is to not stuff yourself when you eat at daytime. Simply eat a delicious amount until you think you've had enough.

Rewarding yourself will build a link in your brain, a reminder for the future that it's more enjoyable to wait and eat the next day. You will also be able to trust yourself on this, knowing that a well-prepared, extremely delicious meal is better than a quick snack right now.

4. Keep binge-worthy food out of your house!

When you are dressed in your pyjamas and have a craving, do you actually make the effort of putting on different clothes, going to a grocery that's still open and buying the exact food you are craving for? I don't think so. So wouldn't it make sense to keep foods you develop a craving for out of your house?

When you buy foods that you think you must buy, at least buy them in smaller quantities. Become a hunter and gatherer again. First go out to get your sinful food, then eat it. Only buy it when you really want to eat it anyway, and don't buy it on stock!

In the articles I mentioned above, I teach you how to slowly get rid of food cravings. Until that's the case, you may still indulge in them as long as you need to - at daytime!

5. Make a choice between different foods

This is a slightly more lenient version of trick #4. Allow some foods in your house that you would eat when encountering a binge. Make sure that you actually have a choice to eat something more healthy, less sugary. Maybe your binges won't be as intense if the foods that are around are not that mouth-watering any more.

One example: Instead of pure chocolate, try cookies. Often, cookies still have a big amount of sugar, but the sugar is not as extreme as in your favorite brand chocolate. If the snack tastes good enough to be considered a treat, but doesn't turn you on so much, then it's the right replacement to get rid of cravings over time. Even bananas at night are a better choice then.

6. Out-time your binge

Let's go back to tip #2. Let's say you bought protein powder as suggested by me, and you know that you have regular binges at night. What you can do now is to drink a protein shake at the right time. Either hours before you sleep, or, if necessary, right before you sleep.

Now you may ask: "But isn't it a bad thing to eat before I sleep?" Well, generally it is, but there is an exception: If the meal is totally full of protein and has no carbs, your insulin won't go up and your Weight Loss At Night won't be hindered. It is a matter of experience. Find out when your nightly addiction kicks in and time your protein shake (with water instead of milk) right.


Many websites online will probably tell you tips that don't work for you because they don't acknowledge the immense pressure that builds up in your mind. You want to eat unhealthy, you don't want to control yourself. I know this. That's why I brought you these tips and I hope they made a difference for you in your search for methods how to avoid the night eating syndrome. If you found these tips helpful, share this article with others, comment on my blog, and most of all: Please come back. I have many more articles that will help you to control your weight. Have a good night's sleep!
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