Vitamins For Infections - Cold, Throat Pain And More!

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Vitamin C can fight bacterial or viral diseases. The treatment is easy, natural, no medication is needed, and you cure yourself in a cheap way. The remedy works best if powered up by plant compounds, for example from lemons.

We already know what's useless

Where I come from, there is a saying that best describes the annoying truth about colds and medicine related to them:

"A cold takes two weeks without and 14 days with medication".

In other words: It makes no difference. I have to agree. I never had the feeling that any medicine has helped me recover from a cold or from throat pain or ANY other infection faster than not taking medicine at all. This does not mean that we should not listen to the doctor's advice. I'm just saying: It could be a little better sometimes.

So much useless advice out there

Then there is already the next problem ahead. Some of the advice I have come across not seemed to be useless, but sometimes counter-productive.

For example, let's talk about throat pain. Some of the tips were useful, like gargling salt water. But other common advice never seems to help.

"Drink a lot of warm water".

I noticed that it doesn't seem to matter much whether I drink a lot of water or just the normal amount of water. In fact, if I'm totally honest, I sometimes get the feeling that drinking a lot of warm water actually removes mucosa substance from my throat and enables bacteria or viruses to attack the back of my throat more easily?!

Nature's advice: Get a hyperdose of vitamin C

Before the industrialisation came and black clouds of fumes destroyed our nature, and long before the ice age, there was a time when fruits and vegetables had dozens or maybe hundreds of times the amount of vitamins they have nowadays. People also consumed more vitamins because they could not fill their stomachs with fries or instant noodles yet.

Nowadays, the vitamin intake of a normal person is much lower. Our bodies are not used to so little vitamins. Therefore, the immune system isn't as good.

What do I do when I have a cold or intense throat pain? I use a hyperdose of vitamin C. What is a hyperdose? It's an unusually large amount of the vitamin. The basic idea behind this: Your body can only absorb a certain amount of vitamin C. If you add more, some of the vitamin C gets lost. However, the more vitamins you give to your body, the more it will absorb, although the percentage of vitamins absorbed is lower.

I will give you an example. Let's say, you give your body 150 mg of vitamin C, and it absorbs all of that. That's a rate of 100%. Now, give yourself 1500 mg instead, and let's say that only 75% is absorbed. That's 1125 mg. Even though only a part of the vitamin C can be used, it's much more than the vitamin C if the percentage is 100%.

So, when you give your body 1000, 2000 or 3000 mg in one go, a lot of this is available to help fight your disease. It shortens the time of your cold considerably.

Where can you buy vitamin C?

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I found it in a common super market in a small box. It looks like sugar from the outside, but tastes very sour, like acid. That's because vitamin C is an acid.

How do you increase the effectiveness even further?

Here is how you really power up vitamin C! I have a book in my shelf where a respected doctor states that a lemon can increase the effectiveness of vitamin C by the factor of eight. That means 8 times the power!

So I put my vitamins into a glass of cold water, squeeze the juice out of half a lemon, mix it into the water (the flesh from the lemon may go into the water as well) and once stirred with a spoon, I swallow the whole drink.

How does it taste?

What do you think? It tastes awful! But I would rather do this 3 times a day or more than to cope with a cold or throat pain for any longer than necessary.

What else is helpful to know?

I read in another book that blood sugar level correlates with vitamin C effectiveness. This means that a low blood sugar level helps the body to use vitamin C. This perfectly fits into my low carb concept! Great! For all my readers who follow the low carb way of life, if you have a cold or infection, try vitamin C and stay low carb!

One more thing: A good immune system needs protein! I realize that whenever I get lazy with my diet and eat buns, junk food or other stuff and forget to eat good proteins, I get more likely to fall sick. Just something to remember...

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