What Would You Do If Your Spouse Packed On 50 Pounds? 10 Tips

An interesting question I found online. But seriously, what would you do?

This is not just a theoretical problem, it can affect real people. How do you react when your partner gains a lot of weight?

1. The wish to lose weight has to come from within

You can't make or force another person lose weight. It's like the movie Inception. A powerful idea has to come from within to evoke a positive reaction. So all you can do is try to make your partner believe that weight loss is possible and desirable. You don't achieve this by any kind of manipulation, blackmailing or by giving the cold shoulder.

2. Analyze

Between having a healthy, attractive spouse and your current situation, there is something in the way, otherwise you wouldn't be in this situation right now.

Find out what causes the weight problem. Did the weight slowly build up over years because one of you was a great cook, or is it the result of stress at work, or even in the relationship? I won't list the countless possibilities here, just think what they might be and then you can find a way to deal with the problem.

3. Solve problem

The problem, whatever it may be, has to be solved. Eliminate the reason for weight loss. Sometimes this is easy, like changing eating habits when the food was just too much and too tasty. In other situations, find out how stress can be removed, either from work, or from the relationship, or something has to be done about the children, who knows?

4. Motivate

Motivate your partner to lose weight. This can be done by giving emotional support, showing ways in which losing weight is quite simple (for example: Losing Weight By Doing Nothing or Losing Weight In Your Sleep).

The best way to motivate someone to lose weight is to offer chances for weight loss that the person does not know, or to get rid of misconceptions the person might have, for example that weight loss always involves exercising or suffering (both of which are not true).

5. Assist in any way possible

There are different ways you can demonstrate solidarity. By joining the dieting, even if you don't need to lose weight, or sometimes just by not eating yummy food near the person. You can always give some sort of support.

6. Take over unpleasant tasks

It's not easy walking down the aisle of the grocery and leaving chocolate and other tasty foods standing. Or keeping these foods untouched at home. If you want to help your partner, do the grocery-shopping on your loved one's behalf. Also hide sweet foods in a safe place so that temptation gets nowhere.

7. Show unconditional love

Nobody wants to feel under pressure when trying to lose weight. This goes especially for people who feel unloved if their weight is not perfect for their partner. Make sure you don't come across as conditional in terms of how you perceive the other person. This can backfire very quickly, should a relationship crisis occur.

8. Seek professional help

If the weight gain is too extreme, you may not be able to do all the motivating and dietary changes by yourself. So think about getting dietary advice from someone who knows how things work.

9. Help to make dieting times good times

Always reward positive and successful efforts to lose weight. Just don't reward them with food. You can reward them with a massage (or other physical pleasures) or with a visit to the cinema. Be creative! There are more than enough ways to make sure that the diet will be remembered as something positive.

10. Learn the tricks

Weight loss can be easy and manageable, or difficult and inscrutable. You need to know the tricks, and you have to beat weight watchers and calorie counters along the way, with weight loss strategies that go further than what's common knowledge and dogma. You can find the tips for free here. No need to be overweight if you just know the tricks.

Image courtesy of Raktim Chatterjee / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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