Why Chubby Girls Can Still Be Attractive

Although this blog is mostly about losing weight and getting thinner, it certainly does not hurt to embrace the inner self once in a while. If we only hate how we look and who we are, even weight loss is not going to help in the long run.

As many of you are unhappy about your looks, and doing something about it, I would still like to explain to you why it's not only bad to be chubby - and of course it's nice to lose weight, but for the time being, I will tell you what's good about you the way you are.

This comes from a man's point of view, so this is what guys like about chubby girls. I mean, if it comes from a guy, there has to be some truth in it, right?

1.  Character traits we associate with chubby girls

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Wait, don't worry! This is not the usual "it's all about the inner beauty" nonsense. I am actually talking about something totally different here.

Men associate looks with character traits. A young, good-looking woman wearing business clothing makes us think of a successful, independent woman, even though she might only be someone's secretary.

There is something I like to call "positive prejudice", and it can apply to women who are overweight, too.

When a man sees a chubby woman, he also has some sort of idea what she might be like.  And this is how chubby girls can be attractive to a man.

Chubby girls are perceived as shy and quiet. The reason for this is that men assume that a chubby woman feels insecure about herself and does not get a lot of attention from guys. Why is this useful? Because a lot of men are tired of independent, strong-will women who always dominate a relationship, always tell the world what a man has to be like, and always give us (men) the impression we can't ever be good enough!

So we perceive chubby girls as nicer, a little more quiet, shy and most of all, as approachable! We are less scared to be shoved aside and also get the feeling it's okay to say hi and start a nice conversation with that girl!

How you can take advantage of this

You can use this prejudice about chubby girls to attract a man. Maybe a lot of the prejudice is even true, maybe you are shy and quiet. No matter whether it's the case or not, it's a good idea to exploit the prejudice and coquet with it. How? Use shyness as a means of flirting. When you notice a guy's attention, look down a little while keeping eye contact. Show a shy smile. Be open but slightly reserved. You should not be a tough nut to crack, but it's good when the guy knows this is not another overly confident woman who is going to cause drama.

2. A cute face

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Even the looks of a chubby woman can be attractive to a man. If the face is a little round, this can be seen as, well, cute! Think of babies. They have round faces, and everyone thinks they are cute. This is basic psychology.

So there is nothing wrong about it. To be totally honest with you, guys really are not so much into things like size, height etc. It does not matter to them so much. They do like beauty, but beauty can work in different ways. It's possible to be attracted to beautiful eyes, a nice smile and other beautiful areas of the face. If the face itself is beautiful, then it does not matter if the girl is a little chubby.

The only reason why you still believe that men don't like chubby girls is because the media will make it look that way. You see, in TV ads and posters, it's always skinny women who are portrayed as sexy. But this is only the extreme case. Imagine what guys would think if they believed that girls only liked men who appear half naked with abs and muscles in TV ads about perfumes. They would have a huge problem with their self-esteem. But somehow, guys mostly believe that women are not only about looks. So why do girls believe that men are only about waist line and weight?

How you can take advantage of this

Make yourself look pretty. Don't wear too much make up, but emphasize on what guys might like about you. A pretty face and a nice smile can open a lot of doors regardless of weight.

3. Female curves

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I don't know what you think about Kate Moss or other extremely skinny models, but I don't like them. They look like thin lines.

Guys are attracted to female curves. If a woman has a little more body fat, she automatically has larger breast and butt areas that are more attractive than women usually think.

Women should not be too afraid to dress nicely and allow for these curves to be seen. Of course, you should look decent and not too desperate, so find a good balance.

How you can take advantage of this

It depends on your style and what you are comfortable to go with. Some girls like to show cleavage, others dress tightly enough so that they can display they are more than flesh, blood and bones. You can tell by the ways guys look at you how much attention you draw and whether that attention is just a drooling, disrespectful stare or genuine interest in you. The trick is to draw some attention, but at the same time not look like an object in the eyes of men.

4. Special skills

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This one is also feeding on a prejudice again, but I also believe there is truth in it. Imagine a young woman who has always been beautiful and who has always wrapped men (including her own dad) around her finger. This woman always got what she wanted, always has been daddy's little princess, and probably never had to lift a finger to achieve anything.

How does this woman do as a wife? Terribly! She only knows how to blow a guy's money, take money off his wallet, go shopping for expensive stuff, and everything she does is directed at maintaining the attention and worship she gets from men. She knows nothing and contributes in no way to a relationship.

Men are sometimes stupid enough to fall for this (and this is probably one reason for a high divorce rate later on), but many guys already know early enough in their lives that it's better to settle with a woman who is more down to earth and who knows how to do some things.

What is unique about you?

Maybe you are a little overweight because you really know how to bake delicious cakes. This is a huge cliche, but who cares? Or maybe you have other useful hobbies, skills and abilities that make men respect you, including intelligence or having a respectable profession. Yes, this is also about respect. Getting respect from a man is important because then you are seen as a human being and not just an object.

How you can take advantage of this

You can either directly or indirectly hint at your skills that a guy might find interesting about you. An indirect way is that you talk about your hobbies, skills and interests in the presence of the man you want to impress, but not talking to him personally. For example, you could be talking to your best friend about it while the guy is in the room. Or, when you already know the guy and like talking to him, share a little bit about yourself and maybe he will like it. Important: Don't talk about things that guys usually don't like or care about, as horses, beauty products and the like. You increase your attractiveness by offering something general that either helps a relationship or is useful to him as a person.

Also don't show off with your skills. Just show what you have to offer, and leave it to the guy to be intrigued.

5. Being really kind and showing interest

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It is okay to show some initiative and approach a guy you like. Of course, you don't want to be rejected. But if he gives you an honest smile and you've talked to him a little, then you could suggest the two of you could do something together. You don't have to give anything away about your romantic interest in him until you know more about how it's going with the two of you. As long as he is open to meet up with you and do things with you, it shows he is comfortable.

Two things are important. Always be a kind person, and show interest in him. This includes interests in his hobbies. This can make you massively attractive!

How you can take advantage of this

If you really want to impress a guy, you can become interested in one or more of his hobbies. Not to a point where you get clingy and act like you have to share all of his free time engaging in the hobby together. But some interest can help.

For example, if he is into video games, ask him if you can play too, and if he could teach you. He will really enjoy that you ask for his advice and feel flattered about it. Very important: Even if you suck at playing video games, don't become a drama queen about it. It's okay if it totally doesn't work for you. Take this with a sense of humor and self irony if things go wrong. Show that it's nothing to take too seriously, and emphasize that you just wanted to learn why this hobby is so interesting to him.


Being attractive does not always go together with a perfect body and beauty. Attractiveness also goes together with giving and receiving attention, impressing people with your personality and being better persons to hang around with than people who only rely on looks but have no respect for others.

You now know more about attractiveness than people who think attractiveness is only the effect of one's makeup, fake eyelashes and sexy clothing.

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