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A good diet incorporates neccessary amounts of fiber into the weekly meal plan. At the same time, the weight loss effects should not be hindered by too many carbs. Fibers are - technically speaking - carbs, but they are not digestible and don't count as real carbs in the eyes of dieters. While this is true, fibers usually come in the company of their evil brothers and sisters: Sugars and complex carbs.

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Here is a list of foods that contain fiber, but very few carbs. The list is sorted from lowest net carbs to highest, while still all the foods mentioned here are excellent for a Low Carb Diet, and some are even suitable for a No Carb Diet.

All nutritional information is per 100 grams and therefore also in per cent.

1. Endive

Carbs: 3.35
Fiber: 3.1
Net carbs: 0.25

Endive has already been mentioned in my list of No Carb Foods and the reason is clear: To consume a single gram of carbs, you would have to eat about a pound. That is difficult to accomplish with the light weight an endive salad has. Feel free to make this wonderful vegetable a side dish for meat, or the main ingredient of a salad. You really can't go wrong with it, and a solid 3 per cent fiber is already enough to cover the dietary need for fiber in a meal that's already going to be healthy on its own, with or without the fiber.

2. Chicory

Carbs: 4.7
Fiber: 4
Net carbs: 0.7

Another fanstastic salad option. While more than 4.5% carbs sounds not exactly like a no carb food, a whopping 4% is already dietary fiber. The remaining 0.7% carbs are almost nothing. Just like endive, you can eat as much as you can take.

3. Lettuce

Carbs: 2.23
Fiber: 1.1
Net carbs: 1.13

By now, it should come as no surprise that we are still talking about salad vegetables. Lettuce has about 1 per cent true net carbs, and the fiber is not really high, but when looking at the combination of the two, it's a great deal for anyone trying to lose weight.

4. Celery

Carbs: 3
Fiber: 1.6
Net carbs: 1.4

Celery is finally a different type of food. It has its own taste and greatly complements a green salad with its white coloring and distinct flavor. More than half of the carbs are fibers, and what's left as carbs is actually too little to even think of.

5. Spinach

Carbs: 3.6
Fiber: 2.2
Net carbs: 1.4

This is a really flexible vegetable, it can not only be part of a salad, it can also be a side dish of its own, an ingredient of a sauce, a soup ingredient and much more.

Many myths surround spinach. The most popular myth has to do with the level of iron present in spinach. My advice is that you just forget about the myths. Spinach is healthy and contains more than whatever amount of iron it has.

6. Flax seeds

Carbs: 28.88
Fiber: 27.3
Net carbs: 1.58

The flax seed is special on this list. Not only does it have a staggering amount of fiber, it's also the only seed on this list. There are probably other seeds that could have made it into the list, but I'm guessing that you don't want to eat a meal that consists entirely of tiny little seeds that will get stuck in between your teeth.

This is how you can use flax seeds: Sprinkle them over your salad, rub them into raw meat before cooking, or mix them into a protein shake. A table spoon of flax seeds a day already does a great job.

7. Asparagus

Carbs: 3.88
Fiber: 2.1
Net carbs: 1.78

Now we are talking about a vegetable that is so popular among some people that it deserves its own dish. That's true. Asparagus can be eaten on its own, the simplest way of doing so is to cook the asparagus and eat it with butter. A low carb recipe so simple, yet so brilliant.

Not everyone loves asparagus, but it's definitely worth a try. When you get more fiber than carbs, and the overall carb count is pretty low, it's not in the way of losing some weight while we're having a nice meal, right?

8. Radish

Carbs: 3.4
Fiber: 1.6
Net carbs: 1.8

This weird vegetable is very fresh, crispy and sometimes even a little hot in its taste. From my own experience, it's very unlikely to eat tons of it. It's a very small side dish for breakfast, dinner or as a top for salads. Not exactly worth mentioning, but it made it into the list for good nutritional values, so I had to include it for those who like it.

9. Avocado

Carbs: 8.53
Fiber: 6.7
Net carbs: 1.83

Avocado is not only in the number one spot of the Fruits Lowest In Carbs, it's so incredible that it easily makes it into the top 10 of high fiber / low carb foods, competing with vegetables, nuts, seeds and all other foods.

There is only one thing many people fear about it: The fat value. But I say: Don't worry! This is a healthy fruit and the fats are still plant fats. As you know, there are also good fats, and the avocado definitely has them in it. Please experiment with this fruit, dare to try it, you won't be disappointed. It goes well in milk and protein shakes, for various types of vegetable and fruit gravy, on its own, and even as a spread!

10. Chard

Carbs: 4.13
Fiber: 2.1
Net carbs: 2.03

Another salad ingredient, but this time a colorful one. It's not rarely red, and you can bet that the red parts have special plant compounds that have healing effects on your body. The carb count is absolutely respectable.

11. Mustard green

Carbs: 4.51
Fiber: 2
Net carbs: 2.51

These greens will add some extra flavor to your food. Just like many other vegetables, it has a vast array of vitamins and minerals at its disposal. Make use of them.

12. Artichoke

Carbs: 11.39
Fiber: 8.6
Net carbs: 2.79

You want more than low carb, you really want a high amount of fiber? Artichoke ranks very high in overall fiber. 8.6% of the plant is pure fiber, and the net carbs are, at the same time, very low. It's a good alternative or addition to flax seeds, since it's a vegetable with its own vitamins and minerals that may or may not be present in flax seeds.

13. Eggplant

Carbs: 5.88
Fiber: 3
Net carbs: 2.88

In Europe, this plant is also known as aubergine. Many people appreciate the taste it has when grilled. It goes well with seeds sprinkled on it. Those of you who want something that tastes very different from all other vegetables, try eggplant.

14. Bell pepper

Carbs: 4.64
Fiber: 1.7
Net carbs: 2.94

The advantage of bell pepper, also known as paprika, is that it's very common both in groceries and in meals. Many moderate to hot meat meals contain some sort of pepper or chili, so it goes without saying that bell pepper is a perfect addition. The peppers are versatile enough. Cut them into small pieces to add as a spice and vegetable at the same time, eat them raw in a nice mixed salad, or even cut off the top only and fill them with meat or other tasty ingredients. I like to call the latter the "pepper grenade" because that's how it looks.

15. Cauliflower

Carbs: 5
Fiber: 2
Net carbs: 3

Cauliflower is also versatile. You can blend it and use it as a flour replacement, or as a fake potato. If you like cauliflower, you will be glad to know that it's low carb and has some fiber in it.

16. Cabbage

Carbs: 5.8
Fiber: 2.5
Net carbs: 3.3

The low amount of carbs, the reasonable price and the fact that it's accessible throughout the year make cabbage popular not only in the Cabbage Soup Diet. It's also the main ingredient for the Korean dish known as kimchi.

17. Broccoli

Carbs: 6.64
Fiber: 2.6
Net carbs: 4.04

Broccoli is similar to cauliflower, both in texture and usability. I personally don't like it so much, but if you blend it and add it to a meal, you get a lot of food substance at a low energetic price, and with a nice amount of fiber.

18. Blackberry

Carbs: 10
Fiber: 5
Net carbs: 5

It's time for another fruit to fight its way into our list. Blackberries, while containing no less than 5 per cent net carbs, also contain the same amount of fiber, and that's a lot. Berries in general are among the fruits lowest in carbs. There is no harm in eating them once in a while, and that's especially true when you are longing for something sweet after your main meal. I think you should allow a small bowl of blackberries for extra fiber and to satisfy sugar cravings.

19. Raspberry

Carbs: 11.94
Fiber: 6.5
Net carbs: 5.44

What I said about the blackberry more or less goes for the red raspberry as well. And that's no miracle since they are closely related.

20. Walnut

Carbs: 13.71
Fiber: 6.7
Net carbs: 7.01

Finally, a nut. Although the walnut is last on this list by some margin, I would like to promote this food source to you. Please don't get irritated by 7% carbs. Once in a while, you should have nuts, they contain important fats that will help your overall health and your weight loss attempts. Walnuts, even my grandparents knew this, are good for the heart. The fiber is only one of the advantages (almost as high as the net carbs). You should not snack on them like crazy, but a deliberate choice to eat them as a little treat, together with a protein shake for example, is worth a thought.

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