How To Starve Yourself Skinny

Does starving yourself work? It can! This guide will show you can lose weight by fasting - the healthy way! I am not talking about starving yourself in a way that serves as self-punishment. Instead, I am focussing on an effective diet for people who are very disciplined and willing to go without food for some time.

In this article, we are going to cover the following points:
  • Truth and myths about super models starving themselves
  • How you can starve yourself thin without feeling hungry
  • Why the most effective form of starving actually includes some eating
  • How we can find our way around starvation mode
  • Why eating protein is about the same as fasting
  • How to lose weight in the long run after this

Also, some of the advice directly relates to a diet that Heidi Klum follows, so you should pay close attention. Let's go!

The truth about super models

If you repeat a cliche often enough, it's taken as a fact. Think of super models: We have heard so many stories about super models killing themselves with a diet, collapsing on the cat walk, ruining their health by not eating at all and trying all sorts of crazy diets that we believe this is reality.

And to some point, this is reality. But only to some point. You see, fashion is a business. And that's the business of super models. Not only do designers, the media and fashion labels engage in this business, the super models also do. You could think of it this way: Models are for fashion what actors are in movies.

So here is the deal: While it is true that many models, especially young, inexperienced models or models in amateur or semi-professional positions live an unhealthy lifestyle, there is also an elite of super models that know exactly that their job is a business. So they act very professionally. Instead of just starving themselves mindlessly, they possess knowledge that might even make a dietician blush.

And this is where I would like to talk about Heidi Klum. I watched a documentary once about super models (including her) and their daily routine. Back then, I already knew the basic tricks of a healthy lifestyle and still had this prejudice about models - thinking they have no idea what it means to eat healthy.

When I watched the documentary, I was astonished: Instead of starving themselves to death and perhaps eating only half an apple, I saw them feast on vegetables and drinking protein shakes, or eating chicken salad. I thought to myself: Wow, I really underestimated this group of people.

They didn't talk much about their diets, which is a shame because it could have opened the eyes of many viewers. But from what they ate, I knew immediately that these people know something many people don't. And it became clear to me that these people are professionals in a business that asks for a high level of professionalism!

So what does this tell us? It tells us that we should cast aside our prejudice, not associate beauty with suffering and finally understand that the key to losing weight is not how much you suffer, but how much you know!

How to starve yourself thin without feeling hungry

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Now let's recap and analyze what we just talked about. These people at lots of vegetables with protein shakes, or, alternatively, salad with chicken. These are two alternate meals to choose from. Both have a startling similarity: They are foods with a high level of protein, combined with a very low level of carbohydrates (carbs/sugars).

Luckily, we don't have to keep guessing why these super models eat vegetables and protein. I can tell you what the effects of these foods are and why models use them.

Let's start with vegetables: Vegetables have many advantages over most other foods we know. First, they usually contain very little energy. You could speak of calories, which is fine. I prefer to think in more accurate terms like sugars, fats and proteins. Vegetables contain very little of either of these, and that is the trick. Picking the right vegetables is very easy. If I sent you into a grocery and let you pick 5 vegetables, you would probably pick low carb vegetables only.

Another advantage on top of that: The amount of food you can eat. You can eat plenty of vegetables since they virtually do nothing to you. For example, the green leaves in chicken salad contain mostly fiber, vitamins and minerals. But even if you ate grass like a cow, it would not make you gain weight. That's a drastic way of putting it.

Then, on top of this, the previously mentioned vitamins and minerals. You can't get them from eating fast food at McDonald's or Burger King. You get them from eating fresh vegetables. And they improve your performance in anything you do - including being a super model.

How about protein? Well, protein fulfills and even bigger role in the super model diet. Protein is, first of all, the building structure of basically everything in your body: Your muscles, your immune system, even enzymes in your body that activate fat-burning processes are made of, you guessed it, protein.

And there is much more to it: Protein is the number one food source that tells your stomach it's full! That's right. If you drink a protein shake, you will notice this. Half an hour after drinking the shake, you will feel as if you have had a proper meal. And that's because you had a proper meal!

The super models I watched on TV knew all this. They ate protein to feel full and vegetables to actually be full. Full with harmless green leaves, not fatty fries or burgers.

But one question still remains: How do you starve yourself skinny without feeling hungry? The answer comes now.

You can actually use the super model diet, as I would call it in this case, and combine it with actual fasting. Because I already know what your point is: You don't just want to eat like super models, you first want to look like one of them! And you need to get there before you can think about healthy eating. So let's move on and see how we can get you there!

How to starve yourself skinny effectively - while eating foods that speed up your diet!

The next step is a very effective mix of starving and eating. Both of these will boost your weight loss. You will be very determined and disciplined about starving, because it will be your way of knowing you are radically wanting to lose weight - and at the same time you get to eat foods of which you know will make your diet faster than only fasting!

There are four key elements to this diet:

1. You actually starve

This includes several patterns and rhythms. The keyword is Intermittent Fasting. You can fast in various ways: Eat only every 4 or 5 hours, don't eat food for a whole day, Skip Certain Meals Or Postpone Them, or make all your meals Liquid Meals.

Important: If you overdo it because your ego is bigger than your body, you will be defeated! Don't think you can trick your body for too long! You will risk running into a binge. Read more about it here:

Overcoming Binge Eating

2. You eat proteins to make your diet faster

Why? Because when you don't eat at all, your body will eat your own muscles, and without enough muscles, you suddenly don't burn enough fat. And when that happens, you are a weak, chubby something with a high fat value. You don't want that.

Also, the protein will tell your brain that it has had enough to eat, so you don't deal with psychological drama. And on top of that, the protein is used to keep muscles strong and to build enzymes that boost your diet through more burning of fats.

3. You eat vegetables 

One bowl of salad a day is the least you can do. Not only will the previously mentioned protein make your brain think it's had enough, you can even fill your stomach to the maximum with green leaves. Thus, your whole digestive tract has to work all the time and won't complain! That's right. Keep your stomach busy with at least one big bowl of salad. Don't cheat! No white yoghurt sauce or anything like that. Olive oil, nuts, seeds and some cheese is okay, though!

4. You use every trick and every shortcut thinkable

Why would you only lose weight with a half-assed diet like counting calories or collecting points at Weight Watchers? Go for the full programme! Here are some things you can do, if you are willing:

  • Exercise - every step you take helps, from a walk in the park to a marathon around the world
  • Lose Weight In Your Sleep
  • Drink more water than necessary - at least one glass per hour, and keep water nearby at all times
  • Take supplements - no crazy science stuff! Just the usual vitamins and minerals on top of the ones you already get from natural foods.
  • Think and dream yourself skinny - The power of the mind is underestimated!

How about starvation mode?

I have already talked about Starvation Mode before. What it comes down to is this: Although there are many myths about it, one thing is for certain: If you starve yourself too much and totally neglect the intake of protein, vitamins and minerals, you will, sooner or later, run into some kind of problem. It will be one of these, and that's a promise:

  • Binge eating after psychological deprivation of foods
  • Muscle loss - your body trying to save fat until the last moment
  • Deteriorating health - including decreased weight loss since remaining nutrients are recruited for other tasks
  • Ineffectiveness and suffering - the ratio between how much you lose and how much you suffer goes out of proportion - at this point, you lose less weight and suffer more than you would when eating enough food!

The single most effective way to avoid what many people call starvation mode is to simply eat enough protein.

That's why it is recommended that you consume protein daily. It would be wrong to come up with rules of thumb here, but basically, you should have some protein in every meal you eat. If you decide to fast for a whole day, at least make sure that protein is the least missing nutrient in your diet. Eat protein immediately after your fasting is over, and eat a lot of protein before you begin fasting.

Remember: Not the level of suffering determines your success, but how much knowledge you have! Some starving will certainly help you lose weight, but at some point, too much starving will get you worse results than eating at least some protein with vegetables.

By the way: Eating protein is basically the same as fasting!

Why is eating protein the same as fasting?

Here is a little secret: If you eat protein every four hours, and avoid foods with carbs (most of all, avoid noodles, rice, potatoes, fries and bread - or in other words: just stick with the vegetables), you will still get the same benefits you would also get when fasting or starving. Here is why:

Protein is a very special nutrient. Unlike carbs and fats, it's not used as a direct energy source. The reason behind this is: It takes too much energy and it's too complicated to transform animal or plant protein into useable energy. It's like using your stove to heat up your apartment - totally ineffective and costly.

Protein is used for other things that we already mentioned. The most important of these is building, maintaining and repairing muscle tissue. It is true that, while we lose weight, we also lose some muscle tissue. Eating protein will prevent too much muscle loss, and at the same time, it's almost the same as drinking water. Which means: It does not make you gain weight!

So whenever you feel that starving or fasting is too much for you, take it easy. You can always drink a protein shake with water whenever it gets too much!

How do you go on from here?

We have talked about quite a lot of things here now, haven't we? You know some tricks now you can use to starve yourself skinny. You know that the process is actually called intermittent fasting. You know that you can also lose weight in your sleep while you're at it. And you know that too much suffering is actually a bad thing that will backfire.

So what's your long-term perspective? Well, my tip is: Apply a healthy low carb lifestyle. It is also, for the most part, the exact same diet we have been talking about here. But it has a stronger emphasis on eating regularly, every 4 or 5 hours. This is how you lose weight without having to suffer any more. You can also have your stomach full of something all the time, whether it's water, protein, or a big salad.

I strongly recommend you to follow this diet, and it's also a way of life that will prevent you from getting typical diseases that most people who consume too much sugar get.

The Low Carb Nutshell

Enjoy your weight loss!


  1. This article helped me sooo much! I was going to starve myself for a week but now i don't have to!!! I think this can help lots of people who are thinking about starving themselves for too long... It can prevent eating disoders by giving prople a way to lose weight that's just as quick as starving! It's good cause it tells people the truth without bothering them. I know I hate it when they say it's unhealthy to starve... When you want to lose weight you really don't care. But now you can do it without going as far as getting anorexia, bulimia, etc I think anyone who wants to lose weight should read this!! Thanks so much!

  2. This helped me a lot, however I feel just starving yourself for about a week would be more effective


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