Low Carb Success Stories

Here are two stories about low carb success. One story is about my brother, who lost more than 50 kilos (110 lbs), the other story is about me. I lost about 30 kilos (66 lbs). Sounds convincing? Well, then read on!

My brother's story:

His name is Markus and he was always overweight. I remember him as a 6 year old boy. We even have a video of him where he learned how to ride a bike. He already had chubby cheeks back then. The rest of him was, well, also chubby.

He was obese throughout most of his life. He was even sent to a health resort once so that he would lose weight. He lost some weight and looked less obese. From then on, he was still very much overweight, but didn't have this extremely obese-looking face.

Anyway, it still wasn't easy for him. He was still too heavy by a big margin. You also have to know one thing: He was not the kind of person who was easily motivated by anything. He always had doubts about himself, felt very insecure, and didn't have the determination to lose weight, let alone to exercise!

One day, I talked to him and told him about my weight loss success (we hadn't seen each other for a while). He was surprised about my weight loss. I told him I had bought a book I found extremely helpful (this book, as far as I know, can only be found in German, sorry).

I explained to him what the recipe for success was, and it was very simple: Not having to exercise, eating only every 4 hours, eating foods high in protein, and leaving out carbohydrates as much as possible.

You know what he did? He just did it. Yes. He didn't need to be motivated, he didn't need to be determined, he didn't even have to believe anything I said. All he did was to follow my instructions. He was stoic and unemotional about it, and suddenly, he lost weight.

The next time I saw him, I didn't really know what to say. From being a fat guy I had known all my life, he had turned into this very skinny guy who looks like the typical computer nerd (the skinny version).

It worked for him and didn't take any effort. All he did was follow the rules that are now written all over this blog. So check them out!

My own story:

My name is Michael and I'm the creator of this blog. I decided to share all my knowledge to the world since it's very simple, doesn't require any scam networks taking money out of people's pockets, and we should all strive for a healthier world anyway.

I was never has chubby as my brother, but most relatives in my family were overweight. So either because of genetics, or because of eating habits in the family, I was supposed to be chubby at some point. I was only slim as a child, and as a teenager, I was already a little chubby. It was never such a big problem until I was about 20, when I really was clearly and visibly overweight.

I lost a lot of weight then, but gained it back over years. Then I found the low carb method in a book: Eat only every four hours, eat protein, avoid the usual suspects (bread, noodles, rice etc.), sleep and drink water. Wow. Simple.

I lost a lot of weight then, people even became worried about my weight loss, but there was no reason to worry.

What else can I say? If you are thinking about trying a low carb diet, I can only say: If you come from calorie counting, this will blow you away! It's a lot easier and the big advantage is that you get rid of cravings. So my suggestion to you is: Bookmark this blog, stay tuned, read all the information about this diet and let me know via the comments how it's going for you! Good luck and welcome!

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