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This diet blog was made to help people lose weight. If you lost weight successfully, or if you are a fellow blog owner, or if you have something to contribute to this blog, such as a low carb recipe for example, you are invited to submit a post.

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Submitting an article to this blog is quite simple. You can post a comment below and let me know about your idea first, then we'll figure out the rest. Please let me know how I can contact you, for example via an email address or by a contact form in your blog. The only "rules" to follow, so to speak, are that you should try to stick to the main topic of this blog, which is dieting with a focus on low carb or similar carb-restricted diets. The remaining rules can be seen below. Recipes are absolutely welcome, and there is no minimum or maximum length of the blog post.

If you own a blog and would like to use the opportunity to promote your blog that way, you are at the right place. A high-quality blog post (nothing fancy, just you trying to make an appealing post) will draw attention to your own blog. Also, my blog is "dofollow", which means that backlinks from your guest post will be recognized by google as valid links that add value to your own blog.

With this call for guest bloggers, I hope that both parties will benefit from this idea, so let me know if a guest blog submission is for you. Be a guest blogger!

Here are some topics that I would especially be glad about:

  • Low carb or no carb recipes with at least one picture
  • Meal plans, perhaps in a table form
  • Top 10 (or Top 5, Top 7, any number you like) posts
  • Posts that include specific nutritional information for comparison of various foods
  • Posts regarding "health benefits" of one specific food
  • Posts about exercising
  • Talking about your own experience, how you did it, and how you would like to motivate others to lose weight
  • Scientific studies you would like to present and discuss


  • Try to blend into the overall philosophy of this blog - low carb, no carb, slow carb, weight loss and dieting, nutrition, food.
  • Please note that I might edit some of your content
  • If your blog post is not approved, you can still use it elsewhere, all copyright belongs to you
  • Your article may never have been used elsewhere before (not even on your own blog) and must stay exclusively on this blog
  • Don't spam or become annoying - communicate in a way you would like to be communicated with
  • Try to write in an appealing way - ask yourself how people would find your blog post on google, for example using "how to" or "what to do...." phrases (if that fits in with your blog post submission)
  • Try to make your post "high quality". This is not supposed to scare you. Just try to write well, put some effort into it, and avoid spelling mistakes.

What you get if you write for us:

  • You get a "dofollow" backlink directly from your article
  • Your blog will be explicitly mentioned either above or below the blog post, and if you like, a picture of you will be added- we'll stay in contact about the details, and you will get a say in everything.
  • If your blog looks appealing, we might become closer partners and backlink to each other on other blog posts, and perhaps you will let me do a guest post for you too.

Thanks for helping me improve this blog. I'm curious about your suggestions!
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