Is Starch Bad For You?

I have talked very much about the dangers of sugar and carbs in general, most notably in my blog posts Why Do We Need Carbohydrates? and High Carb Foods To Avoid.

Now, I want to answer a question many people on the internet seem to have: Is starch bad for you?

Starch is a complex network consisting of glucose molecules. You can think of it this way: If sugars are small grains of sand, starch is the beach. It's not only a collection of simple sugars, it holds these sugars together and gives them a bigger meaning than just the small grain.

One thing is also largely true: Consuming starch is not the same as swallowing the same amount of carbs in sugars. The complexity of the carb network takes time to be broken down in the body, but let's face it: Carbs are carbs, and starch contains those simple carbs I have warned you about.

Why starch is indeed bad for you

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Low Carb Success Stories

Here are two stories about low carb success. One story is about my brother, who lost more than 50 kilos (110 lbs), the other story is about me. I lost about 30 kilos (66 lbs). Sounds convincing? Well, then read on!

My brother's story:

His name is Markus and he was always overweight. I remember him as a 6 year old boy. We even have a video of him where he learned how to ride a bike. He already had chubby cheeks back then. The rest of him was, well, also chubby.

He was obese throughout most of his life. He was even sent to a health resort once so that he would lose weight. He lost some weight and looked less obese. From then on, he was still very much overweight, but didn't have this extremely obese-looking face.

Anyway, it still wasn't easy for him. He was still too heavy by a big margin. You also have to know one thing: He was not the kind of person who was easily motivated by anything. He always had doubts about himself, felt very insecure, and didn't have the determination to lose weight, let alone to exercise!

Submit A Guest Post

This diet blog was made to help people lose weight. If you lost weight successfully, or if you are a fellow blog owner, or if you have something to contribute to this blog, such as a low carb recipe for example, you are invited to submit a post.

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Submitting an article to this blog is quite simple. You can post a comment below and let me know about your idea first, then we'll figure out the rest. Please let me know how I can contact you, for example via an email address or by a contact form in your blog. The only "rules" to follow, so to speak, are that you should try to stick to the main topic of this blog, which is dieting with a focus on low carb or similar carb-restricted diets. The remaining rules can be seen below. Recipes are absolutely welcome, and there is no minimum or maximum length of the blog post.

How To Starve Yourself Skinny

Does starving yourself work? It can! This guide will show you can lose weight by fasting - the healthy way! I am not talking about starving yourself in a way that serves as self-punishment. Instead, I am focussing on an effective diet for people who are very disciplined and willing to go without food for some time.

In this article, we are going to cover the following points:
  • Truth and myths about super models starving themselves
  • How you can starve yourself thin without feeling hungry
  • Why the most effective form of starving actually includes some eating
  • How we can find our way around starvation mode
  • Why eating protein is about the same as fasting
  • How to lose weight in the long run after this

Also, some of the advice directly relates to a diet that Heidi Klum follows, so you should pay close attention. Let's go!

The truth about super models

If you repeat a cliche often enough, it's taken as a fact. Think of super models: We have heard so many stories about super models killing themselves with a diet, collapsing on the cat walk, ruining their health by not eating at all and trying all sorts of crazy diets that we believe this is reality.

And to some point, this is reality. But only to some point. You see, fashion is a business. And that's the business of super models. Not only do designers, the media and fashion labels engage in this business, the super models also do. You could think of it this way: Models are for fashion what actors are in movies.

How To Increase Fiber Intake

There are several reasons for increasing daily fiber intake beyond the daily recommended amount. Eating more foods that contain fiber per day will result in optimal digestion, adequate levels of carbs (instead of high carbs that let your blood sugar level skyrocket) and a better satisfaction of your stomach in order to reduce cravings.

Below you will find ways to improve your intake of foods rich in fiber. This article includes:

  • Fruits high in fiber
  • Vegetables high in fiber
  • Other plants high in fiber
  • Underrated fiber sources
  • How to keep net carbs in mind

High Fiber Low Carb Foods - Top 20

A good diet incorporates neccessary amounts of fiber into the weekly meal plan. At the same time, the weight loss effects should not be hindered by too many carbs. Fibers are - technically speaking - carbs, but they are not digestible and don't count as real carbs in the eyes of dieters. While this is true, fibers usually come in the company of their evil brothers and sisters: Sugars and complex carbs.

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How To Be Skinny Like Koreans - Why Are Koreans So Skinny?

In one of my previous posts, I asked the question why Asians are so skinny. Now, it's time to find out especially what makes Koreans so thin.

In order to be skinny like Koreans, you have to think like Koreans. And this goes mostly for how they eat, what their attitude towards weight is and perhaps also what their daily routine is like. So, let's see how to be like skinny korean girls and guys.

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Why are Koreans so skinny?

When I checked out Korean cuisine, I quickly noticed that Koreans share a lot of similarities with other Asian cultures when it comes to food. They eat a lot of rice, vegetables and meat. They also enjoy fish and seafood, which sometimes leads to typically Asian seaweed dishes comparable to sushi.

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